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Best Restaurants In Pyeongtaek

May 30, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Pyeongtaek is becoming an increasingly popular place for foreigners to live. Many residents to this area of Gyeonggi-do relocated with the recent closing of the Yongsan military base. The Camp Humphreys area saw an increase in foreigners and with that has come more bars and restaurants. Shuttle launched delivery services around the ville in Anjeongri in 2018 and since loads of restaurants have joined the platform. Here is a list of my favorite restaurants in Pyeongtaek which offer delivery through Shuttle.


Guacamole, a great Mexican restaurant in Pyeongtaek. Don’t miss out on their best selling dishes grill beef steak fajita taco, carnitas (pork) soft tacos and chicken enchilada. The best Mexican cuisine has to offer. This restaurant also has a special kids menu, which are smaller versions of the main menu. See the full menu here.

Tokyo Story

This amazing Japanese restaurant has an abundance of sushi, tempura rolls and sashimi options. Made daily with fresh fish, the must try dishes are california tempura roll, flat fish sushi, tokyo story udon and oyakodon. See the full menu here.

Chicken Pub

A restaurant that specializes in chicken dishes, The Chicken Pub is well known for their uniquely blended sauces that are served with the wings, tenders and fried rice. The dishes are prepared daily using fresh chicken. Combination dishes offer the best of both worlds, delicious fried rice with a basket of chicken wings or tenders. See the full menu here.

Mars Burger

A restaurant solely dedicated to burgers and most of them being under 10 000 won. For the bacon lover there is the ‘I Dream of Bacon Burger’, which has 5oz of ground beef and is topped with 2 strips of bacon and tomato bacon jam. This is their ultimate signature burger which will change your lives. Sides include fries, onion rings and chicken tenders. See the full menu here.

Red Onion

Ordering food for a big party of people and everyone wants something else? Then Red Onion is the best option. This restaurant covers all types of cuisines from American pub food to Mexican, Arabic and Turkish food. Their bestselling dishes being the loaded queso tortilla, classic chicken tenders and baklava as a desert. See the full menu here.

Italy Pizza

There are over 16 different pizzas to choose from at Italy Pizza in Pyeongtaek. If you are vegetarian, a meat lover or like pineapple on your pizza, at Italy Pizza you will definitely find something to suit your palate. There are 3 different sizes to choose from S, M and L, with the latter one being a great pizza to share with the whole family. Other dishes include spaghetti and bulgogi rice. See full menu here.

Dr. Yoo Chinese

Dr. Yoo Chinese offers amazing Korean Chinese fusion food. From chowmein, fried rice, Korean BBQ, orange chicken and many more yummy dishes. Don’t forget to try their delicious kimchi, which goes great together with the fried dishes. See the full menu here.

Flying Geckos

Craving mouth melting BBQ? Order the best slow smoked meats in the area from Flying Geckos. They serve ribs, brisket, pulled pork, smoked chicken platters loaded with tasty sides. Other dishes on the menu include Greek style deep dish pizzas, fresh salads and sandwiches. See the full menu here.

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