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The Ultimate Guide to Surviving in Korea

June 22, 2022

There are many things to take into account when traveling to Korea especially when there are still  some rules and restrictions regarding COVID.

Here are the top four topics that you need to know in order to travel to Korea:

1. What to Prepare when Traveling to Korea

Incheon Airport Terminal


  • Get tested either on an antigen test 24 hours prior to the departure date of your flight or on a PCR 48 hours prior.
  • You need to get tested 3 days upon arrival: you can do it at the airport or at a public health center in the district of your accommodation.
  • If you previously had COVID and still test positive on the PCR, you need proof of recovery


  • Everyone that is eligible for the K-ETA has to complete a K-ETA before entering Korea.
  • If the country you hold a passport in is not eligible for a K-ETA, you will need to apply for some type of visa in order to enter Korea
  • Check out this list to see whether your country is being offered the K-ETA option
  • It costs only 10,300 KRW and has to be completed at least 24 hours before your flight.


  • This is a health declaration form that you also need to complete prior to boarding your flight.
  • It will generate a QR code that you need to present to the staff upon arrival at the Incheon Airport

Refer to my full blog for more details on what to look out for and what documents to prepare for when traveling to Korea

2. 4 Essential Apps You Need 4 Korea

Naver Maps

  • Do not use Google Maps or Apple Maps- they do not work well in Korea
  • The app works in English and is very detailed with directions; it even tells you which platform to stand in at subways so you can transfer between lines faster


  • It’s a useful translation app
  • Literally translate everything: from words to images to even websites

Shuttle Delivery

  • The only food delivery app that works for foreigners: accepts paypals
  • Besides providing a delivery option, the app also provides a pickup option as well so it’s great if you want to order ahead of time
  • You can search what you want to eat based on cuisine so even if you don’t use the app to order something, it’s useful just to see what options of food there are around Seoul

Kakao Talk

  • All Koreans use this as their main source of communication
  • Many businesses also use this so you need to download it if you want to make appointments! (such as for hair salons, nail salons, skin care appointments, etc)

Check out my full blog on more details of how each app works and their different functions!

3. How to Navigate Korea through Public Transportation: A Guide

Inside a Korean Subway

  • The Korean public transportation system is going to be your bible in order to get around Korea
  • Use navigation apps like Naver Maps to get around the system: it’ll save you time and a headache
  • Get ready to transfer between different lines and different types of transportation

T-Money Card (Transportation Card)

  • This is the card you are going to need in order to use public transportation: you can use it for the bus, the subway, and even for taxis
  • There’s a basic fee for purchasing the card: it’s either  ₩2,000 KRW or  ₩4,000 KRW depending on where you buy it
  • You can purchase it at the airport/ convenience store
  • You have to load money in order to use it
  • It’s around ₩1,250 KRW for each ride (only ~$1!)

Refer to my full blog on details of the public transportation system in Korea and some tips on how to use it!

4. Korean Convenience Stores

  • There’s different convenience stores all around Korea: GS 25, 7-Eleven, CU, E-Mart 24
  • You can reload your transportation card here with cash only
  • It’s so convenient and located everywhere so that you don’t necessarily have to go all the way to the market to get your basic necessities
  • Has all of the basics that you would need: water, ice cream, juices, coffee, bread, ramen, snacks, toiletries, trash bags, etc
  • Each convenience store actually has their own types of snacks and foods that are exclusive to their own chain

Check out my blog on what types of exclusive foods each of these chains offer!

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