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Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 Branch (Seoul's Unique Cafes #03)

April 22, 2024

As you wander through the vibrant stalls of Gyeongdong Market in Seoul's Dongdaemun District, a familiar green logo might catch your eye. Climb a flight of unassuming stairs, and prepare to be surprised!

Image source: Instagram @visitseoul_official

Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 Branch

Step inside the Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 Branch, and a spacious and stylish interior unfolds before you. Exposed concrete walls hint at the building's fascinating past, while vintage-inspired furniture adds a touch of nostalgic charm. This design isn't just for show – this very spot was once a lively 1960s movie theater.

Customers' order numbers or nicknames are projected on the wall

Gyeongdong Theatre lay abandoned for over a decade before being reopened as a cultural space. While preserving the historical integrity of the theatre, it now provides a space for the local community to gather, enjoy Starbucks' signature coffee experience, and take in live performances by local artists and college students on weekends. But there's more.

A Starbucks Community Store

Starbucks Community Stores are dedicated to uplifting the neighborhoods they serve, fostering positive social change through local initiatives. The Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 Branch, the 5th Community Store in South Korea, exemplifies this mission. For every item purchased, 300 Korean won (~25 cents) goes towards revitalizing the market's infrastructure through the Korean Commissions for Corporate Partnership (KCCP).

Since the opening of the Starbucks Gyeongdong 1960 Branch, it's attracted a wave of millennials and Gen Z. Many of these customers, after grabbing their coffee, find themselves drawn to explore the vibrant market and the delicious food options available at the food stalls, providing a much-needed boost to local vendors' sales. So, if you're looking to check out this unique Starbucks location in Seoul, consider going on an empty stomach – it's the perfect opportunity to taste local foods before unwinding with a coffee.

About Gyeongdong Market

Gyeongdong Market is a massive marketplace (over 300,000 sq m) famous for traditional Korean medicine. Established in 1960, it supplies 70% of South Korea's herbal ingredients and boasts over 1,000 shops selling traditional ingredients.

Getting There

The fastest way to reach this Starbucks is to leave Line 1 Jegidong Station from Exit 2. A 6-minute walk will lead you to Gate 4 of Gyeongdong Market. Look for the green and white Starbucks logo on the right, not far from the gate. A flight of stairs leads you to the entrance.


1036 Jegi-dong, Dongdaemun-gu, Seoul

서울 동대문구 고산자로36길 3 (스타벅스 경동1960점)


Operating Hours

9:00am - 21:30pm Weekdays (Mon - Thurs)

9:00am - 22:00pm Weekends (Fri - Sun)

Cover photo source: © Starbucks

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