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Spogym Hannam Special Deal for Shuttle VIP’s

March 13, 2020

If you are a Shuttle VIP we are providing you with free deliveries and rebates on Shuttle orders along with VIP offers and discounts from a growing network of local services and businesses. The initiative is centered on giving back to you.

That is why we are pleased to announce that we started a VIP partnership with Spogym in Hannam.

If you belong to an organization and you’d like to join our network, send us an email here or read more here.


Spogym is a total fitness center that opens up the possibility of cutting-edge services by providing optimized services that customers need with a new fitness culture.

In addition to the existing fitness clubs such as fitness , yoga, golf, and sauna facilities, they not only create body shape and increase physical strength, but also introduce a new genre called medical fitness to provide personal exercise programs for preventive medicine such as pain relief, rehabilitation treatment, and postural recovery.

What’s the offer?

In the table below you will see the advantages you have as a Shuttle VIP compared to the original membership fee. Here are your options:

Gym Membership Deal

 Gym Membership    3 Months    6 Months    12 Months    Gym Membership only    250,000
 (original membership fee 480,000)    400,000
 (original membership fee 680,000)    540,000
 (original Membership fee 840,000    Gym Membership + GX
 *GX - yoga, Mat Pilates, Jumba, Spinning    400,000
 (original membership fee 680,000)    600,000
 (original membership fee 810,000)    780,000
 (original membership fee 1,118,000)  

Personal Training Class Deal

 Session    Cash    Card/ Bank Transfer    Original Fee (non-VIP)    10    700,000    770,000    880,000    20    1,300,000    1,430,000    1,760,000    30    1,800,000    1,980,000    2,310,000  

* Gymclothes, Towels are provided
VAT included

How to sign up?

To join Spogym, just go to Spogym Hannam andsign up. You’ll be asked to share a screenshot/photo of your Shuttle VIP statuslisted in your account settings on the Shuttle app.

Interested in Spogym?

TEL: 02-795-0117
Or visited Spogym Hannam: 3F, B1, Seokdang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, Korea  

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