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Skip the Line with our Pickup Service

September 30, 2021

Don’t mind picking up the food yourself, but hate the wait?

With Self Pickup, you can order from restaurants and cafes on our app, and collect it yourself without having to wait in line.

Even if you're outside our delivery zones, you can order ahead on your commute and pick it up on the way!

That means no delivery fee, no waiting in line, and contactless payment.


Southside Parlor in Itaewon, Seoul


What About Poke in Gangnam, Seoul

So how do you do it?

You can place a pickup order in two ways.

First, set up your location to see your options in that area. Your location pin needs to be within 7km of the restaurant you’re ordering from.

Then, click on the 'Self Pickup' category to see a list of restaurants closest to your location.

You can also browse by category or search for your favorite restaurant directly and switch to the Pickup option by clicking on the ‘Change’ button next to the Delivery icon on the restaurant page.

To check your pick-up route, click on the info icon, tap on the map, then select your preferred map app as shown below.

We recommend using Kakao or Naver Map for accuracy.

Add your order to your cart, then proceed to checkout and payment.

Once the restaurant confirms your order, you’ll receive your Pickup time and address.

And voilà! You've just placed your first Pickup order.

Now there's no need for you to wait in crowded spaces or pay onsite.

Skip the line by placing a Self Pickup order today.

Stay safe and bon appétit !

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