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Shuttle x Wonderful

February 21, 2020

The Shuttle VIP Network

In 2020, we are building bridges to get our expat communities more connected.

Last year, we started assembling a network of expat focused organizations. We are offering in-kind sponsorships to a limited number of expat groups and communities, no strings attached. We are providing free deliveries and rebates on Shuttle orders along with VIP offers and discounts from a growing network of local services and businesses. The initiative is centered on giving back to you, our core demographic, the expat community of Korea. If you belong to an organization and you’d like to join our network, send us an email here or read more here.


Today, we are pleased to announce a new VIP partnership with Wonderful. Wonderful is a time based, bilingual personal assistant service helping foreigners living in and travelling to Korea. It’s like having a secretary or a Korean friend.

The team at Wonderful is staffed with bilingual assistants, who are trained to provide excellent customer service and many are expats themselves, so they have first-hand experience of what it’s like to be a foreigner in Korea.

They’ve already processed over 150,000 requests made by expats and tourists over the years. If you’ve got a request, they’ve done it before. They help with things like making reservations to restaurants, hotels, clinics, etc., or booking tickets (bus, train, concert, baseball, etc.), or simply getting assistance with travel itinerary planning, making purchases online, shipping abroad, and a whole lot more.

What’s the offer?

Shuttle VIP customers will receive a 25% discount when they join Wonderful. The regular rate for the first 4 hours is 192,000 KRW at 800 KRW/min, but they are offering VIPs a discounted rate 600 KRW/min for the first four hours.

They are also offering a 5% discount for subsequent deposit top ups. This means that if a user is a Shuttle VIP customer, they can add time to their account at a rate of 760 KRW/min, or 182,400 KRW for 4 hours.

How to sign up?

To join Wonderful, just go to their website and sign up! Enter signup discount code: WONDERSHUTTLE20

You’ll be asked to share a screenshot/photo of your Shuttle VIP status listed in your account settings on the Shuttle app.

Interested in Wonderful? 



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