VIP Program

Shuttle VIP Program

January 14, 2022

How do I become a Shuttle VIP customer?

You can become a Shuttle VIP customer two ways:

1. You are a member of an organization that has partnered with Shuttle to offer its members Shuttle VIP status.

To learn more about VIP Partnership Process, start here .

To sign up your group or organization, contact us here

-- Or --

2. Your orders on Shuttle for the previous calendar month exceed ₩750,000. For example, if your account spend between January 1st - January 31st was ₩751,000, then your account will be elevated to Shuttle VIP status for the month of February.

What benefits do Shuttle VIP customers receive?

1. One free delivery fee every month (₩4,000 value)

2. Delivery Fee rebate of 10% credited to your Shuttle account for all delivery fees paid during your status as a VIP customer. For example, you paid ₩250,000 in delivery ₩25,000 (10% of delivery fees). You can use the credit any way you’d like.

3. Free delivery on your birthday every year

4. Exclusive invites to Shuttle customer appreciation events

5. 10% discount on Create Wellness Center’s single session massage, chiropractic or other rehabilitation services prices. Shuttle VIP’s should show CWC’s receptionist VIP status

Can I lose my status as a Shuttle VIP customer?

Yes, if you are a member of a partner organization that was granted Shuttle VIP your status with the organization will be checked periodically to ensure you are still an active member. 

If you’ve earned Shuttle VIP status by spending more than ₩750,000 in the previous calendar month, your account status may vary  from month to month, based on spend. For example, if your account spend is lower than ₩750,000 between January 1st - January 31st, then your Shuttle VIP status will be removed starting February 1st.

Does becoming a Shuttle VIP customer cost money?

You cannot buy a VIP membership. At present only people who are partnered with organizations Shuttle cooperates with or Shuttle customers spending over ₩750,000 per calendar month are eligible for VIP status.

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