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Shuttle is Now Accepting Bitcoin

July 26, 2017

That’s right, now you can use the world's most popular cryptocurrency to buy your food, and get it delivered. We wanted to provide an easy way for the numerous Seoulites with bitcoins, to pay for their meal deliveries. We are proud to announce that we are the first food delivery company in Korea to accept Bitcoin. Shuttle charges no additional fee to pay via Bitcoin. You can use any wallet you have on your phone, and - thanks to our partner solution at BitPay - payments just take a few seconds to confirm. All prices are instantly converted from Korean won to Bitcoin, at the time of writing, an order for 35,000 KRW would cost you 0.01244 Bitcoin, or 12.44 millibits.


How do I use Bitcoin on Shuttle?

1. Get some BitcoinsThe easiest way is to sign up for an exchange like Korbit or Coinbase where you can change your KRW to BTC2. Shop Select a restaurant, add your food to the cart and click “Order” to get to the checkout page. There you select "Bitcoin"


3. A popup for your payment opens


4. Scan to pay Take out your phone that has a Bitcoin wallet app installed, and use the "Scan" or "Read QR code" function of your app.


5. DoneLean back, Shuttle will handle the rest from here!


Why Bitcoin?

Recently, we added PayPal as a payment option, but after listening to our customers, we realized that it isn’t the right solution for everyone. It suffers from the same restrictions on credit card transactions like most other payment gateways in Korea. The old requirements about Internet Explorer and ActiveX.Korea is a technologically advanced and progressive country. But online payments have always been a source of frustration for Koreans in general, and expats especially. The prerequisites for online payments are numerous. You need to download and install numerous security plugins, provide a Korean ID number, a Korean phone number that is registered in your name, and then you can only use Internet Explorer. For the foreign community in Seoul, who - in proportion- use more Macs and often lack one of the above requirements, this is a major pain point. That’s why we see Bitcoin as a perfect fit.


We’re a bunch of early adopters who believe that there is always a better technology out there to solve our problems. And because Korea has these unique issues that hinder the spread of easy and affordable online payment options, we saw cryptocurrencies as a perfect fit for our and our customer’s problems. We live in exciting times. Let's give Bitcoin another practical use.

Thank you for reading our blog! Here's a little gift from Shuttle Delivery that you can apply to any purchase made through our platform. Check out our other blogs on Shuttle Delivery for more tips useful for your stay in Korea!