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Our Favourite Shuttle Fall Picks!

October 1, 2019

Autumn has finally arrived! No more hot, humid weather but enjoyable temperatures and the stunning red leaves. This weeks blog posts includes our favourite fall food picks which are also available through Shuttle Delivery. Read on to find out more!

Kyochon Chicken (Anjung-ri)

Everyone knows Kyochon Chicken, as it is one of the best fried chicken chains in South Korea. They have multiple venues in Seoul and beyond. Kyochon Chicken is now also available for delivery on Shuttle, both in Seoul and Pyeongdtaek. Don't miss out on some yummy fried chicken! See full menu here.

Plus 84 (Jongro)

A family owned restaurant in Jongro which originates from Ha Noi in Vietnam. This restaurant serves some amazing Vietnamese food with ingredients imported from Vietnam. Must try signature dishes are Phở, Bún Chả, Bánh mì and the Bún Thịt Nướng. Plus 84 has been featured multiple times on Korean and Vietnamese TV programs like 수요미식회 (TVn). See full menu here.

Taco Bell (Sinchon)

There isn't a single soul that doesn't know Taco Bell! But Taco Bell in Korea is quite different from the one in the States. It has dishes specially tailored to the Korean market like the bulgogi taco or burrito. Other must try dishes are the quesadilla and cheese fries. See full menu here.

Burger Grab (Gangnam)

Known for serving huge and juicy burgers, Burger Grab is one of the newest additions to the Shuttle Family. The burgers are absolutely amazing and very reasonably priced. Make sure to give the original cheese burger with arabiata chili cheese a try. See full menu here.

Brix Pizzeria (Anjeong-ri)

Another great restaurant in the Pyeongdtaek area, Brix Pizzeria is a fantastic Italian pizza restaurant with homemade sauce and handmade dough. Not only do they serve pizza, other dishes on the menu include salads, a portion of fries or chicken wings. See full menu here.

Kim's Taco

Kim's Taco is a rather new Mexican restaurant but serves some really great food! This is an LA style restaurant which focuses on serving tacos, and in particular the Al Pastor tacos. You can get the taco set which includes different types of tacos. See full menu here.

Goose Island (Gangnam)

The lunch set from Goose Island is to die for. They serve different kinds of sandwiches and salads. Their signature sandwiches ar the meat lover sandwich and the "IPA" battered fish sandwich. Apart from a lunch menu, Goose Island also has a special dinner menu which includes ribs, chicken and salads. See full lunch menu here and dinner menu here.

SSong Thai (Yeoksam )

For vegetarians and vegans, this is the preferred Thai restaurant in Korea. Not only does the restaurant have a vegan manager, it also has more than 8 dishes on the menu are completely vegan. Meat lovers, fear not, they also have yummy beef, chicken and shrimp dishes. There is something to suit all tastes, this is the perfect delivery option for a big group. See full menu here.

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Written by Marie for Shuttle

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