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Seoul's Viral "Ramen Library" is a Must-Visit!

April 15, 2024

Planning a trip to Seoul? Don't miss the chance to experience this viral sensation!

Photo source: Seoul Gov.

Located within a seemingly ordinary CU convenience store in the trendy Hongdae University area, this hidden gem is quickly becoming a popular tourist hotspot. But what exactly makes this convenience store so special?

Photo source: Seoul Gov.

Embracing a unique "Ramyun Library" concept, this spot features an impressive array of over 225 ramen choices. What's even better? You can prepare and eat your ramen at the store.

Photo source: Yonhap News

Whether you're craving a quick and delicious lunch after exploring Hongdae's vibrant streets, or looking to experience a one-of-a-kind store dedicated to instant noodles, the Ramyun Library is a must-add to your itinerary.


25 Jandari-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul (CU Ramyun Library)

서울 마포구 잔다리로 25 (CU 홍대상상점)

Looking for ramen recommendations? We've Got You Covered. Here's a quick guide to some of the most popular Korean ramen varieties from spicy to non-spicy.

Top 5 Best Selling Instant Noodles

If you're looking to try local favorites, here's a list of the top 5 best-selling instant ramen in South Korea.

1. Shin Ramyun

Korean: 신라면

Flavor: Spicy beef bone broth, shiitake mushrooms

Heat Level: Spicy

2. Jin Ramen

Korean: 진라면

Flavor: Spicy beef bone broth, soy sauce, black pepper

Heat Level: Spicy (매운맛) and Mild (순한맛) option available

3. Chapagetti

Korean: 짜파게티

Flavor: Korean black bean noodles

Heat Level: Not Spicy

4. Ansungtangmyun

Korean: 안성탕면

Flavor: Beef bone broth , soybean paste, chili pepper

Heat Level: Medium Spicy

5. Yukgaejang

Korean: 육개장

Flavor: Traditional Korean spicy beef stew

Heat Level: Medium Spicy

Top 5 Non-Spicy Instant Noodles

If you're looking to try local favorites that are not spicy, here's our pick for you to try.

Nongshim Tempura Udon

Korean: 튀김우동

Flavor: Japanese udon broth with katsuobushi, seaweed and tempura flakes

Heat Level: Not spicy

Nongshim Sarigomtangmyun

Korean: 사리곰탕

Flavor: Traditional Korean beef bone broth soup with dried green onion flakes

Heat Level: Not spicy

Nongshim Shrimp Ramen

Korean: 새우탕

Flavor: Rich shrimp broth with dried seafood flakes, seaweed, and vegetables

Heat Level: A little spicy

Nongshim Potato Ramen

Korean: 감자면

Flavor: Rich beef and potato broth with chewy noodles made from potato starch

Heat Level: A little spicy

Ottogi Snack Ramen

Korean: 스낵면

Flavor: Mildly spicy beef bone broth soup with dried seaweed flakes and vegetables

Heat Level: A little spicy

Cover photo source: The Buyer

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