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Pyeongtaek's Best Mac and Cheese Restaurants

December 12, 2023

Sometimes, nothing hits the spot like a warm, gooey bowl of mac and cheese. Whether you crave a classic childhood dish or a gourmet twist, Pyeongtaek has something to satisfy everyone. Here's your guide to the best spots in Songtan and Anjungri.

Best Mac & Cheese in Songtan (Osan Air Base)

Wich Works (Osan)

Classic Mac & Cheese

Wich Works serves up timeless American favorites, with offerings like the irresistibly cheesy grilled sandwich, the comforting grilled PB&J, and the robust American Philly cheese steak. Pair them with their rich mac and cheese or crunchy taters for a full-on comfort meal.

See the menu:

Wich Works

Noodle House (Osan)

Baked Chicken Mac and Cheese

Noodle House brings the rich flavors of Ukraine to your doorstep. With a focus on authenticity, they deliver mouthwatering Ukrainian chicken cutlets, hearty dumplings, and flavorful borscht. Each dish is crafted with care, allowing you to savor the comforting taste of traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Their mac and cheese with flavorful baked chicken creates a comforting and delicious meal.

See the menu:

Noodle House

Mac Daddy‘s (Osan)

Daddy’s Brisket

Mac Daddy's is a gourmet mac 'n cheese brand by Concept Kitchen. If you think your momma makes some good mac 'n cheese wait until you try Mac Daddy's! They create some amazing mac 'n cheese combinations including Daddy's Brisket Mac, Buffalo MacChicken, Mac Mojo Pulled Pork, Italian Sausage Mac, Taco Mac, and Momma's Classic Mac.

See the menu:

Mac Daddy‘s

JP's BBQ (Osan)

Mac & Cheese

JP’s BBQ the first in Pyeongtaek to be smoking the good stuff! Simple seasonings, sauce on the side, good oak smoke, and plenty of time. Get juicy, all-American BBQ with a side of mac and cheese goodness with your order.

See the menu:

JP's BBQ (Songtan)

Bruxie (Osan & Humphreys)

Angry Mac & Cheese

The Southern California-based fast food chain is here in Pyeongtaek! Bruxie serves original fried chicken and waffle sandwiches. It's the most perfect, crispy, not-so-sweet waffles with the crunchiest, juiciest, most delicious fried chicken. Their mac & cheese with buffalo-spiced sauce and bacon is the perfect side dish to elevate your chicken sandwich.

See the menu:

Bruxie (Osan)

Bruxie (Humphreys)

Best Mac & Cheese in Anjungri (Camp Humphreys)

La Salud (Humphreys)

1 Meat BBQ Platter

La Salud cooks up authentic American barbecue in a BBQ smoker with oak firewood. It's prepared for over 12 hours to create the most tender, juicy meats. Enjoy it with their classic mac and cheese or try their Mac & Cheese Burger if you're feeling adventurous.

See the menu:

La Salud

JJ‘s American Diner (Humphreys)

Mac & Cheese Bacon Tater Tots

JJ's American Diner is a taste of home, satisfying the palates of many Americans who long for the flavors of their homeland. From juicy burgers to tender steaks and the iconic American chicken n' waffles, JJ's American Diner has something for everyone. They offer a few mac and cheese options such as Chicken & Mac Bowl, Baked Mac & Cheese, as well as Mac & Cheese Cheddar Burger that's sure to satisfy your mac and cheese cravings.

See the menu:

JJ‘s American Diner

La Plush (Humphreys)

Chicken w/ Mac & Cheese

La Plush offers a delicious and diverse selection of traditional American-style brunch and dinner menus. From sweet pancakes to savory waffle sandwiches and pastas, there's a comforting option for everyone.

See the menu:

La Plush

Red Onion (Humphreys)

Big Mac Burger

Red onion is a halal barbecue restaurant that serves delicious burgers, kebabs, quesadillas, and more. Try their Mac & Cheetos balls or the Big Mac Burger for a delicious twist on classic comfort food.

See the menu:

Red Onion

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