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Places you must visit during your stay in Seoul

January 9, 2023

Welcome to the beautiful city of Seoul, not too sure where to start? Don't worry I got you! Here are some of the must-visit places, and things to do in Seoul, to make your time here more memorable and valuable.

Photo courtesy of Agoda

1. Gyeongbokgung Palace

If you are wanting to immerse yourself in the history and culture of South Korea, Gyeongbokgung Palace is the place for you. One the largest out of the five palaces, Gyeongbokgung is located in the ​Jongo District, the palace was built-in 1395, and was the main palace of the Joseon Dynasty. 

Gyeongbokgung Palace has been through a lot of change and is now one of the most iconic and historical places here in South Korea. At Gyeongbokgung you will be given a pamphlet with a map and information about the palace, they will also provide you with a professionally guided tour of the palace, with lots of informative facts about the rich history of Gyeongbokgung, or you can explore alone. 

Upon arrival, you will be greeted by ceremonies such as the Palace royal guard ceremony which starts at 10 am, and 2 pm (20 minutes).​​ The ceremony of Guarding Gwanghwamun Gate at 11 am, and 1 pm (10 minutes). And the public training of the royal guard's soldiers, held outside of Hyeopsaengmun Gate at 9:35 am, and 1:35 pm (15 mins). These ceremonies are really interesting to see, giving you a sense of the history of Korea and Gyeongbokgung, from the traditions that have been carried down for centuries. 

To make the most of your adventures through Gyeongbokgung, and to truly feel like royalty as you roam. I recommend you wear the Hanbok, the traditional clothing of Korea, which means “Korean clothing”.  Hanbok rentals can be located all over Seoul, but one I recommend that is near the palace is Cham Hanbok Rental. They provide very good prices, and services making you feel very special. If you want to feel like a King and stand out from the crowd, I recommend you get Special and Premium grade clothing. As a bonus, it is “free entry” into Gyeongbokgung if you are wearing Hanbok.

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Gyeongbokgung Palace

서울 종로구 사직로 161 경복궁

[Naver Map]

Cham Hanbok

서울 종로구 종로1길 55 경제통신사빌딩 2층

Photo Courtesy of Viator

2. Namsan Tower

All about the view? Namsan Tower is one of the best locations to visit, giving you an amazing panoramic view of Seoul. Namsan Tower is located in Yongsan and is one of the highest points in Seoul, the tower being 239 meters tall. Opened in the 1980s, Namsan Tower has been one of the most must-visit tourist attractions around the world. To gain the full experience at Namsan Tower, I recommend you hike/walk through the nature trail towards the Tower which is approximately 2 kilometers. I believe this walk is worth it as you can experience and Immerse yourself in the nature Seoul has to offer! When you reach the top you will have an amazing view of Seoul waiting for you. When up top, there will be food stalls such as N Burger, HanKuk, and N.Grill. Art and Crafts, portrait drawings, and many more.

 If you are feeling the K-drama type of romance the Locks of love will be there for you and your partner/family member to place a padlock on, Locks of love is representing love and harmony with your loved ones. To enter the tower, and viewpoint, prices vary from 15,000KRW to 20,000KRW, which is still a good deal, because when you arrive at the top the scenery is beautiful. 

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Namsan Seoul Tower

서울 용산구 남산공원길 105

Photo Courtesy of National Museum of Korea

3. National Museum Of Korea

Are you still wanting to learn more about the history of Korea? The National Museum Of Korea is the place to visit! Founded in 1945, located in the Yongsan-gu District, the museum is filled with lots of amazing arts, and artifacts connecting you with the culture of Korea and how it came to be. If you are planning to visit I recommend you set out for at least half a day to explore this museum, and also to have your thinking cap on, as there are endless amounts of information to absorb. The museum provides you with different exhibitions, and guided tours of the Museum, which makes your experience and touring the Museum much easier. 

[Naver Map]

National Museum of Korea

서울 용산구 서빙고로 137 국립중앙박물관

Photo Courtesy of Hybe

4. Hybe Insight

Big K-pop fan? Hybe Insight is a museum and cultural exhibition space located in Yongsan-Gu, if you are a fan of HYBE artists with the likes of BTS, Tomorrow X Together , Enhypen, NU’EST, GFriend, and Seventeen, this is the place to visit. HYBE Insight is divided into two basement floors B1 and B2 with all kinds of K-pop items, special effects, interactives, behind the scene footage, awards wall, and soundproof room. The ticket prices are 25,000KR for a normal ticket and 30,000 which comes with a photo card with an artist of your choice on it. You will have a guided tour and through your Hybe Insight app you will have information assistance from a K-pop artist of your choice, that you could play through your earphones as you roam the exhibition. Overall the whole tour of the museum is approximately 2 hours, near the end you will be greeted with an item store, with k-pop items of your favorite items.

[Naver Map]


서울 용산구 한강대로 42 지하 1,2층 HYBE INSIGHT

Photo Courtesy of visitKorea

5. HiKR Ground

HiKR located in Cheonggyecheon-ro, free entry. HiKR aims to provide a playground for global travelers, it is a Center that utilizes extended reality into it’s displays of pop culture and media and is a must-visit place, when you're in Seoul. HiKR Grounds has five floors which are divided. Floor one, HiKR Wall: Panoramic Media-Wall, floor two, K-pop Ground: MultiMedia and Experience zone(my favorite floor) , Floor three, HiKR Atrium: Exhibition by famous Korean Artists, Floor four, HiKR Cave: Multi-experiential stone for domestic tourist, And floor five: Lounge, in the lounge they have a cafe which is known for their donuts.

[Naver Map]

Haikeo Ground

서울 중구 청계천로 40 한국관광공사 1-5층

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