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Must Try Shuttle Favourites

August 30, 2019

Shuttle has a wide range of restaurants available for delivery in Seoul, Pyeongtaek and Busan. But what are some of the must try restaurants, the ultimate shuttle favourites?

Cre8 Cookies (Yeoksam)

This cute coffee shop located in Yeoksam sells the best cookies you can find in Seoul! Cre8 Cookies has 8 different cookies available on the menu and a selection of drinks. The best selling cookie is the Nutella Peanut Butter cookies which is a match made in have. If you want to surprise your coworkers or friends, why not order a cute pink gift box? See full menu here.

Bao Bar (Iteawon)

This bao restaurant is an Asian fusion restaurant located in Itaewon. It is a small restaurant but the food is absolutely amazing. Their main selling dish are the Boas, which are a type of Taiwanese street food, but they also serve noodles and a selection of sides. See full menu here.

March Rabbit Salads (Sinsa)

Craving healthy and nutritious food? Then March Rabbit in Sinsa is the perfect restaurant for you. It is specialized in Southern Californian vegan, vegetarian and traditional style salads. Apart from salads they sell sandwiches, rice bowls, fresh juices and a build your own salad. This is the perfect lunch to order at home or at work. See full menu here.

Gino's New York Pizza (Itaewon)

An authentic New York-style pizza restaurant that won't disappoint! Gino's New York Pizza has two restaurant which offer delivery food through Shuttle, namely in Itaewon and Apgujeong. They offer pizzas in different sizes and sell yummy sides like Gino's Famous Wings or fries. See full menu here.

Dae Han Gak Chinese (Hongdae)

Dae Han Gak Chinese is a truly authentic Chinese restaurant. It is owned by a family which is using recipes pass down from multiple generations. What makes this restaurant special is the fact that they don't use any msg, all vegetables are farm-to-table and on request dishes can be prepared without meat or seafood. Enjoy real sophisticated Chinese food at Dae Han Gak and don't forget to try their signature sweet & sour pork or spicy seafood soup noodle. See full menu here.

Spoon Me (Itaewon)

This on demand premium plant-base meal service is the perfect choice for vegans, vegetarians or anyone looking for healthy food options. Spoon Me in Itaewon focuses on selling healthy food that is nutritious, delicious and on top of that, affordable. This unique service uses only natural and fresh ingredients for all their dishes. When ordering, don't forget to add some yummy hummus! See full menu here.

Res2 Go (Gangnam)

This American style teriyaki restaurant is extremely popular in the Gangnam area. The basic ingredients include beef, chicken, pork, shrimp or tofu for vegetarians, all prepared with home made teriyaki sauce. Other dishes include noodles, salads, hot wings, potato wedges, dumplings and much more. See full menu here.

American Mood (Apgujeong)

Everything tastes better with cheese! If you are craving cheese, then this restaurant is a must try. American Mood has two restaurants that sell food through shuttle, one in Apgujeong and the other in Itaewon. This restaurants sells sandwiches with fries, mac & cheese and many other side dishes. Make sure to try the cheese whiz philly cheese steaks and the meat chili cheese fries.See full menu here.

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