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Best Moroccan Food In Seoul

July 16, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Stunning tagines, sweet mint tea, amazing meat, Moroccan food has it all. Seoul has some amazing Moroccan restaurants, mostly located in the Itaewon area, which are now available for home delivery on Shuttle. In this article we will take a closer look at the inspiration and cook behind the most popular Moroccan dishes in Seoul. Read on to learn more about the Moroccan food scene in the vibrant capital of Korea.

Spotlight: Wahid Naciri

Wahid, a Moroccan trained chef from Rabat, is the owner of two Moroccan restaurants in HBC. He opened his first restaurant, Casablanca, 8 years ago when the foreign food scene in Korea was still in its early stages. Back then Haebangchon was not the vibrant foreigner area as we know it today but had only 2 restaurants and a coffee shop back then. Two years ago, Wahid opened an additional restaurant, Morococo which serves amazing tagines and sweet mint tea.

Casablanca (Itaewon)

Casablanca is a small but very popular sandwicherie in Haebangchon. Here you’ll find some of the tastiest sandwiches, soups and shakshuka. The simple interior design of the restaurant allows you to fully focus on the flavours of the food. The 5 Sandwiches available haven't changed since the opening of the restaurant and are a fusion between Moroccan street food and restaurant food from Rabat. When eating at Casablanca, be prepared to get filling sandwiches for only 7000 krw, which is incredibly cheap compared to other foreign food restaurants in the area.

The inspiration from the sandwiches comes from a Rabatan on the go makouda sandwich which is a potato croquette sandwich made with bread, makouda and mayonnaise. At Casablanca they took this street style dish to another level and created a filling flavourful sandwich. See full menu here.

Morococo Cafe (Itaewon)

The second restaurant owned by Wahid is the Morococo Cafe, just opposite from Casablanca. This beautifully designed restaurant gives visitors the full Moroccan experience, from visually pleasing dishes to an authentic Moroccan atmosphere. The tagine is the signature dish available on the menu and food which isn't home to a specific area of Morocco but can be found everywhere. Apart from tagines, the Morococo Cafe has amazing 'over rice' dishes which is the Moroccan equivalent to a Korean bibimbab. It comes as no surprise that this dish is very popular among the Korean clients. See full menu here.

Other Moroccan Restaurants On Shuttle

Casablanca and Morococo are not the only restaurants available on Shuttle Delivery.

Marakech (Itaewon)

Marakech, located in the center of Iteawon is another restaurant available on Shuttle Delivery. The signature dishes of the traditional style restaurant are the tagines. There are four different types of tagines and all are served with Moroccan bread. Other dishes on the menu are couscous dishes, grilled meat and sandwiches. See full menu here.

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