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More Delivery Options will be Available in Gangnam!

July 10, 2017

Coming soon! Shuttle plans to add at least 60 new options for it’s Gangnam customers.  Right now there are only about 14 delivery options in Gangnam on the Shuttle Delivery service.  We want this number to grow to about 75 in the next couple months and eventually reach 150 options. We want customers in Gangnam to feel like they are getting just as many choices as the Itaewon customers have gotten used to having.  


We understand that our service is probably not well known to the folks living in Gangnam because they are not seeing that many restaurants that interest them. We know in order to get them to spread the word to their friends and colleagues; we must give them something worth talking about. There needs to be a clear sign of dedication to their needs and concerns.  The way to exhibit that dedication is by showing the community of Gangnam that we are more present, and with an intention to grow further in that region.  


Many of the restaurants we plan to add, include local burger favorites like Gilbert Burgers, and Firebell. Also local pizza go-tos like Brick Oven Pizza and The Booth will be targeted. Cherished Gangnam darlings like Bad Farmers, Pick-a-bagel, Jihal Guys, Holee Chow will be aimed for as well. Last but not least we totally intend to gather international chains like California Pizza Kitchen, Subway, and Quiznos. We really want to offer something for everyone's taste so this will hopefully be a more comprehensive solution for the Gangnam community to help with their delivery needs.  


This will hopefully show the entire Seoul community about our commitment to growing and improving.  We hope this jumpstarts us to eventually take over more areas in Seoul and eventually all over Korea. This will be a very important chapter in the story of our existence in the Korean food delivery ecosystem.  We hope you guys will support us on our newest venture and we will do our best to make your support worthwhile.

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