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Marie's Shuttle Delivery Food Hacks

April 1, 2020

Hey, this is Marie and these are my Shuttle Delivery food hacks!

I’m a freelance content creator and digital marketer and I’ve been living in Yongsan-gu, Seoul, since 2017. I do the majority of my work from home but very often find myself too busy to cook. So through the past 3 years, I’ve found some favorite restaurants that I often order from. The restaurants serve tasty food and offer discounted or free delivery (to my area).

Here are my go-to menus: 

1. Patty Patty With Fries - Pipit Burger

Pipit Burger has some of the best burgers in the Hannam area and I especially enjoy their double patty burger, called Patty Patty, with a side of fries. The delivery fee is 2000 KRW so with about 12,000 KRW I get to eat my favorite meal in the comfort of my home.

As a Belgian, I prefer to eat my fries with mayonnaise, so if I order the fries I buy a good mayonnaise from the supermarket and use it as a dip.

Click here to see full menu.

2. Sharing Platter Half Half - Trench Town 

Jamaican food is not very common here. Discovering Trench Town opened a new window for our group meals. I love to get their Half Half Platter when I spend Friday nights in. If I have friends around I usually go for an even bigger platter. I’m in love with their plantain sides so I suggest you give that a try. The delivery costs me 2000 KRW, so I am very pleased whenever I order from them.

Click here to see full menu.

3. Mutter Paneer - Bombay Grill 

Bombay Grill offers free delivery in my area. The food I usually order is good for 2 servings so I divide it into two portions upon receiving the delivery. I love to prepare rice at home, in the style I enjoy most, and I eat it with the Mutter Paneer. 

I save the rest for another meal (I find their food lasts well and is still as yummy the day after). I get a great value out of my order and have at least 2 meals covered.  

Click here to see full menu.  

4. Cheese Quesadilla, Beef Burrito, & Sour Cream - Taco de Burro 

I usually order the Cheese Quesadilla and Beef Burrito and extra sour cream on the side. Their quesadillas are my absolute favorite. I love the burrito as well but I’m not used to spicy food so I get extra sour cream on the side, which makes a great match. And I get all this without an additional delivery cost and it’s a great value meal in my opinion.

Click here to see full menu.  

5. Hawaiian Cotto - Vera Pizza 

I think it’s the best pineapple pizza in Seoul. (Did I mention I absolutely love pineapple pizza?) I usually order it for lunch, and if there are any slices left I eat them throughout the day when I feel like snacking on something. And the pizza is delivered in very cute boxes. The delivery is around 500 KRW.

Click here to see full menu.  

6. Combo Platter - Halal Guys

The Combo Platter has chicken and beef on top of basmati rice. It’s affordable and filling; it makes a great lunch. I especially like Halal Guys because the delivery is pretty quick and free. It’s an absolute lifesaver on days that I’m too busy and don’t have time to think and plan my meals.  Don’t forget to ask for their signature white sauce.

Click here to see full menu.  

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