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Making Everyday Life in Korea Easier with the Shuttle App

January 20, 2023

The Shuttle app puts Korea’s best restaurants, bakeries, cafes, shops, & grocery stores at your fingertips.

What We Offer

These services are available on the Shuttle app

On-demand Food Delivery

Speedy food delivery from local restaurants, cafes, shops & bakeries

Self Pickup

Order ahead, skip the line, and pickup food from local restaurants, cafes, shops & bakeries

Next Day Delivery

Next day delivery for Grocery, Essentials, Bakery, Vegan, Wellness, Butcher, Halal

Drop-off Catering 

Schedule drop-off catering from Seoul’s top restaurants for meetings, events, and special occasions

Local Food On-demand

Shuttle customers place delivery orders from popular local restaurants, cafes, shops and bakeries. We are open for delivery from 11:00am - 11:00pm, daily. When you want to grab your own order, simple switch the toggle to browse and place pickup orders. Checkout is a breeze. We accept all major international and domestic credit cards, along with Paypal, KakaoPay, and Bitcoin.

Next Day Delivery

Looking for next day grocery delivery in Korea? Get nationwide next day delivery for Grocery, Home Essentials, Bakery, Vegan, Wellness, Beauty, Halal and more in the Next Day shops. 

Customers in the greater Seoul Metropolitan & Gyeonggi-do area can place orders today and receive them tomorrow! The service is available Sunday through Friday and accepts orders from 11am - 7pm daily. Customers in the other areas of Korea, including Jeju-do, can expect 1-2 day postal service.

Drop-off Catering

As of January 2023, Shuttle is pleased to announce that we are now accepting corporate and individual catering accounts. You can schedule drop-off catering for your next event, meeting, or special occasion from the best local restaurants. 

Whether it’s just coffee for friends, lunch at the office, or a special birthday party at home—we’ve got you covered! We can deliver hot drop-off catering for groups of 10 or more, booked 5 days in advance. We offer corporate payment plans and subscriptions are available for repeat orders.

Service for Foreigners in Korea

We offer a unique service proposition for Korea’s international community:

Premium Vendors

Choice local offerings with diverse range of international cuisines

English Menus

Browse menus effortlessly in comfort and ease

Bilingual Support

Friendly English-speaking customer service

Easy Checkout

Accepting all foreign credit cards, Paypal, KakaoPay & Bitcoin

*Though it is recommended, Shuttle users are NOT required to have a local phone number. Users should note, however, that phone verification is required to use Shuttle credit and redeem coupons and offers.

Service Areas

We are presently serving communities in Seoul, Osan, Pyeongtaek, Daegu, and Busan with regional hubs delivering near Osan Air Base, Camp Humphreys, Camp Walker, Camp Henry with on-demand food delivery and in-store pickups. We offer nationwide next day delivery on thousands of items in our Next Day shops. Catering services are available from our numerous restaurant partners now with car delivery!

Download the Shuttle App

Getting set up on the Shuttle app is a breeze, it’s available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

1. Set your address—type in your address in English, or use your location and we’ll find you.

2. Use your email address to create an account, or sign up with Facebook or Apple. It’s helpful if you have a local phone number when ordering,  but it is not required to open an account.

3. Place an order—we accept PayPal and all domestic and international credit cards. Your credit card information is securely stored on your own device, so checkout is a breeze after you’ve added a card to your wallet.

In the Community

Shuttle actively supports community and volunteer organizations in our core service zones, including Yongsan, Mapo, Gangnam in Seoul, as well as service areas in Pyeongtaek and Busan.

Groups & Organizational Sponsorships

US Embassy Seoul, USFK, Seoul Foreign School, Yongsan International School, Osan Elementary School PTO, Osan Soccer Club, and many more.

Public Events

Independence Day Festival, Oktoberfest at Camp Humphreys, Other On-Base Events, Korea Cornhole League, Shuttle VIP Events

YouTube Channel

A Wizard in Korea, Osan Halloween Prank, Shuttle Secret Santa

Our Blog

Thank you for reading our blog! Here's a little gift from Shuttle Delivery that you can apply to any purchase made through our platform. Check out our other blogs on Shuttle Delivery for more tips useful for your stay in Korea!

At Shuttle Delivery, we pride ourselves on being the go-to food delivery app for foreigners residing and exploring South Korea. With the convenience of PayPal payment options and our unique nationwide concierge service, we ensure seamless ordering experiences everywhere you go. Plus, with our next-day postal delivery on groceries and a wide range of home essentials, we're dedicated to making life convenient for our customers every step of the way.