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The Best Korean Food on Shuttle

March 15, 2020

Seoul is a great city to eat food from all around the world, and here at Shuttle, we strive to deliver a wide range of the best food available. We are proud to be representing many great Korean restaurants as well; they offer a colorful array of delicious Korean food. Today we want to introduce a selection of restaurants that serve appetizing Korean and Korean fusion food. 

Pelicana Chicken (Humphreys)

Chicken is the A in South Korea’s food delivery alphabet. The familiar options of chicken & cola, chicken and beer, spicy sauce chicken, and soy sauce chicken can light any party. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, there’s no wonder Korean fried chicken is becoming popular around the world. Pelicana also offers boneless chicken and wing options as well as sides of french fries, deep-fried shrimp, cheese balls, and rice. See full menu here.

Mr. Bossam (Hongdae)

Bossam or pork wraps are one of the more traditional options on our list. Pork wraps are thinly sliced pork cooked in healthier ways compared to grilling. Traditionally, the pork is placed at the center of the table and everyone gets wrap their own bite the way they prefer. Mr. Bossam offers a variety of pork wrap dishes including original bossam, garlic bossam, spring onion bossam, etc.

You can get a meal for one in a lunch box, get sets for two that come with a side of buckwheat noodles, or try their specials that include spicy pork wraps and pig feet. See full menu here.

Jangmi Jjimdak Chicken (Itaewon)

Chicken dishes can come in many shapes and sizes in Korea. Jjimdak (Korean Braised Chicken) is one of our favorite Korean chicken dishes. The chicken is usually cooked in soy sauce, together with potatoes and, depending on the recipe, noodles. You have a choice of getting a spicy jjimdak as well. The portions are very large and it is the ideal food if you are thinking about a family-sized meal. Jangmi Jjimdak offers rice and onigiri on the side to balance out the flavorful main dish. See full menu here.

Dami ManDu (Itaewon)

Mandu, Korean style dumplings, are always a delicious choice. Nothing beats a hot dumpling soup, which is both filling and refreshing, on a cold day. Steamed dumplings, with your preferred filling, are an appetizing addition to most dishes. When you order from Dami ManDu you can side your dumplings with options such as udon, jjolmyeon (a spicy type of noodles that’s mixed with vegetables), ddeokbokki (a spicy meal of rice cake and fishcakes), sundae (Korean style blood sausage), and oden. See full menu here.

Sosohan Restaurant (Daechi)

Cutlet sets are crunchy, delicious, and filling. Sosohan has a colorful menu that caters to different preferences.  At Sosohan you can also get rice bowls that are topped with salmon, eel, or meat and other ingredients, or you can try a variety of udon dishes. Sosohan makes sure you have a great dinner tonight. See full menu here.

Hanppuri Porridge (Ichon)

Last but not least, today we close our list with a Korean porridge menu. Juk is the Korean word for porridge. Korean porridge is made from many different ingredients and is made to be as nourishing as possible. Hanppuri has a type porridge for everyone, from the Jeju style abalone porridge to the classic chicken porridge or the mouth-watering beef porridge. If you have a cold, feel under the weather, or just want to boost your body, why not have a hot bowl of porridge tonight? See full menu here.

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Written by Marie for Shuttle