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Most Instagrammable Restaurants And Dishes In Seoul

June 12, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Are you the kind of person who hunts down the most instagrammable dishes, restaurants and cafes? Do you completely rearrange the plates and drinks so to get the best light and pictures before even starting to eat? Is your instagram feed filled the most mouth watering looking food, stunning coffee art and artsy plates? Shuttle created this guide with a list of restaurants and coffee shops serving the most instagrammable drinks and food. Get ready to get your camera out and make those followers salivate.

Jiyugaoka Apgujeong

Jiyugaoka in Apgujeong is a specialty cake shop which originated in Japan. It specializes in beautiful hand made cakes, french bread and organic ice cream. The menu includes over 11 different cakes which can be bought per slice or as a whole. Their best selling item, the Shiroi cake, is a tender white tiramisu cake made of Mascarpone cheese mousse. Absolutely yummy. Check full menu here.

Jil'hal Bros Hongdae

The Jil'hal Bros in Hongdae is a take away restaurant which focuses on middle eastern lamb and chicken and rice type of dishes. Many New Yorkers who have tried the amazing Halal Bros food cart on 53rd and 6th street will love this Seoul Joint. Check full menu here.

Good Afternoon Itaewon

Good Afternoon, a British Style tea house located in the Itaewon area, not only has the most instagrammable cakes and drinks, but the whole cafe is picturesque. All desserts served at Good Afternoon are made by the instore pastry chef which uses his own unique recipes. All teas are created by the Tea Blender and include teas like the classic English Milk Tea and Rooibos Vanilla Milk Tea. Don’t miss out on the yummy scones served with super jam and clotted cream. Check full menu here.

Double Trouble Gangnam

This Korean styled American fast food restaurant serves ‘fresh fast food’. Which not only taste delicious but will also make your instagram followers mouth water. Make sure to try the Pull & Mac Grilled Cheese, Double Trouble Grilled Cheese,  Mac & Cheese Fries or W.M.C Belgian waffle with crispy chicken and maple syrup) for the perfect night in. Check full menu here.

Gino’s New York Pizza Itaewon & Apgujeong

The restaurant with a prime location in Itaewon focus on serving the most authentic New York-style pizza pies. Apart from pizza, Gino’s sells yummy looking wings and fries. Make sure to try the best selling plain cheese or pepperoni pizza. Not only are the pizzas at Gino’s super delicious, they also make a great setting for getting that instagrammable picture. Check full menu here.

Linus’ BBQ Itaewon

Over the years Linus has become one of the most well known restaurants in Itaewon. Their Southern style meat and barbecue dishes have become a big trend in the neighbourhood and beyond. The sharing dish to order is the Linus’ Fours which include a hole smoked chicken, 1/2 Baby Back Rib, Brisket (180g), 2 Texas Hot Guts (sausages), 12 slider buns, white sauce, a choice of 4 sides. Check full menu here.

Le Brunchic Gangnam

Le Brunchic is a cozy French style restaurant which is well known for serving yummy brunch. Dishes include everything from pancakes to French toast, sandwiches and salads. The food is prepared with very high quality ingredients and are beautifully plated. Check full menu here.

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