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Food Delivery in Godeok, Pyeongtaek

July 21, 2022

Shuttle is now available in Godeok International City, Pyeongtaek’s newest city. If you are a Godeok resident, you will be able to choose from a new selection of curated local restaurants, as well as the restaurants located near Osan Air Base, a.k.a. Songtan Entertainment District. Our new restaurant partners will have cheaper delivery fees (they are in your neighborhood) and will deliver much faster than from those traveling longer distances.

Here is a map of our new delivery area in Godeok.

Bokgo Dabang (복고다방)

Photo courtesy of Bokgo Dabang

Bokgo Dabang, meaning retro coffee house in Korean, is surely a one-of-a-kind themed cafe in Korea. They make sure every little detail will have that retro sentiment - from the interior design, menus, and even the logo font! Other than the usual coffee and beverages, there are also unique drinks like the retro coffee kkekki (₩4,000) and Jolly Pong shake (₩4,500).

If you feel like indulging in a sweet coffee treat, retro coffee kkekki will be your soulmate. It features a chilled coffee smoothie, a thick layer of whipped cream, AND a coffee-flavored ice cream bar sitting right atop of it like Excalibur.

Bokgo Dabang also offers all their drinks in a can, which means it’s a great choice for a picnic drink.

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Dongback Chicken (동백치킨)

Dongback Chicken is a local chicken matjip (Korean word for restaurant with good food), located right opposite Samsung Electronics building. Their fried chicken with a crunchy coating on the outside and juicy, tender chicken inside without being too oily is nothing like franchise chickens.

Keep in mind, all Dongback chickens are cured in spices so they can be spicy for someone with low spice-tolerance. If you are a first-timer, then we strongly recommend that you start from classic fried chicken (bone-in ₩16,500 / boneless ₩17,500).

Once you are completely comfortable with classic chicken, and think you can handle a little bit of garlic-y flavor, try the popular black garlic flavor (bone-in ₩17,500 / boneless ₩18,500).

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Poojimhan Chicken Stew (푸짐한 닭찌개&찜닭)

If a fried chicken is not your pick for today, then a hearty chicken stew might be appealing to you. Poojimhan Chicken Stew is located in the same place as Dongbaek Chicken, but as the name suggests they are dedicated to chicken stew and braised chicken

The popular menus include boneless dakdoritang (half chicken ₩21,000), old-fashioned gochujang jjim dak (₩25,000) and white jjim dak (half chicken ₩21,000). They also offer a range of rice, noodles and snack menus to choose from so worry not if you feel that the chicken might not be enough.

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You Can Do It Burger (유캔두잇버거)

Tired of franchise burgers all flat and boring? Craving for juicy burger patties, melting cheese, and homemade sauce all slammed in a soft bun? Listen up, burger lovers. Jjyu Burger is waiting for you to fill up that hungry stomach!

You Can Do It Burger offers a range of handmade burgers including their signature YES Burger (₩11,300 / set ₩15,300) but they also have delicious side menus for you to mix-and-match.

Don’t forget to check what they have for Burger of the Month. For July, it's nacho burger time! (₩12,300 / set ₩16,300)

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Homie’s Pizza / 호미스 피자

Once a small local delivery & take-out only pizza shop in Bundang, Homie’s Pizza didn’t take long to get recognized and expand rapidly with the support of loyal customers.

Their line-up might not be new compared to other pizza places, but there’s something so special about Homie’s pizza dough and tomato sauce that draws you back to them.

Order now and enjoy your pimaek (Korean word for pizza and beer) party with Homie’s signature cheese pizza (R ₩16,900 / L ₩19,900). And.. oh! Don’t forget to add those delicious pastas to your cart before the check-out.

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Bread & Co. (브레댄코)

Bread & Co. is a popular Korean bakery & cafe franchise that aims to promote and offer healthy, nutritious breads you can eat everyday for every meal.

Their popular item includes tomato salami pizza bread (₩3,300), sausage tree (₩2,500), read bean paste bread (₩2,100), and jalapeno bulgogi sandwich (₩5,100). Looking for your children’s quick snack? Choux cream bread (₩1,600) and zigzag apple pie (₩2,100) will be the best choice.

They also offer the Random bread box (₩12,900) packed with 7 kinds of breads freshly baked everyday and deliver right to your doorstep. So if it becomes a hassle to you to think and pick from the list every order, just leave it to Bread & Co. to pick the best for you!

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Sweet Fruit (달콤과일)

There are plenty of good restaurants and cafes around you, but it can be quite a dilemma if you are to find good groceries for fresh fruits. Well, worry not. Sweet Fruit has a long list of fruits that you are after such as bananas, apples, grapes, peaches, and even dragon fruits! Try the peaches and plums as Korea has special varieties that can only be found here.

If you are planning and looking for a quick weekend picnic, simply order Sweet Fruit set (₩15,600 for 4 kinds) ahead and you are ready to go!

Sweet Fruit also has a range of frozen/refrigerated dried seafood. The combination of fruits and dried seafood sounds as random as they get, but Koreans are the people of sweet-and-salty so it’s no surprise. (I mean, they are the ultimate beer pairing snacks together)

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Sandeomi Tteokbokki (산더미떡볶이)

There is no doubt that Tteokbokki is one of the most loved foods in Korea among all generations. 1) It’s cheap. 2) The combination of sweet, sour and spicy flavor plays a perfect orchestra for many Koreans. And 3) the food is completely DIY. You can choose the level of spiciness, ingredients, type of tteok (rice cake), and so on.

Sandeomi Tteokbokki has a good list of tteokbokki paired with all sorts of side snacks. If you want the best experience on your first try, then order After School Set (₩16,000). It comes with tteokbokki, assorted fries and udong noodles, the combination that many Koreans will stick to.

*For children and those who are not spice-tolerant, I recommend Sandeomi White Tteokbokki (₩16,000) which is a mild version of regular tteokbokki.

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Enjoy ₩4,500 off new Godeok restaurants until July, 30 2022!

Bon appétit!

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