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Food Delivery in Daegu

March 7, 2022

Now Serving Camp Walker & Camp Henry Vicinities

Good news for people who like good news. Shuttle is now available near Camp Walker and Camp Henry in Daegu, South Korea.

Many Americans have grown accustomed to the convenience of food delivery apps, and life in Korea is no different. In the Camp Walker & Camp Henry neighborhoods, Shuttle Delivery offers the fastest service with a diverse range of international food options. Camp Walker & Camp Henry area residents can browse local menus and get food delivered or place on-demand pickup orders.

Shuttle has been our lifeline at least once a week during our 4 years in Korea! There are rarely any issues and if there is, Shuttle costumer service responds quickly and they usually compensate any inconvenience with discounts.
LiL Ake, 04/02/2021

Shuttle Delivery Service

Getting set up on the Shuttle app is easy. To get started, just download the app from Apple App Store or the Google Play Store:

Apple App Store

Google Play Store

1. Set your delivery address—type in your address in English or Korean, or use your location and we’ll find you.

2. Use your email address to create an account, or sign up with Facebook or Apple. It’s helpful if you have a local phone number when ordering,  but it is not required to open an account.

3. Place an order—we accept PayPal and all domestic and international credit cards. Your credit card information is securely stored on your own device, so checkout is a breeze after you’ve added a card to your wallet.

Getting set up for delivery around Camp Walker on the Shuttle App

Discover Local Food

You can browse restaurants around Camp Walker and Camp Henry on the Shuttle app using the cuisine type categories, or easily filter results by price, distance, and delivery speed. You can use our tag system to find new and trending restaurants, or set your dietary restrictions to filter results. All your favorite local hotspots deliver on Shuttle.

More and more restaurants in the Camp Walker and Camp Henry area offering delivery fee discounts for orders of an expressed minimum value. Delivery fees start at ₩2,600 (about $2.50) and increase in correlation to the delivery distance. In the Camp Walker and Camp Henry areas, food delivery orders are typically completed in 25-40 minutes, but may vary during peak hours or during inclement weather conditions.

Camp Walker Delivery - Gates 4 & 6

For residents living on Camp Walker, we can deliver your food to Gate 4, the Main Gate. If you'd like to delivery to the gate, you can set your delivery location to the address provided below (please copy & paste):

Address in Korean:  대구 남구 삼정길 99

Address in English: Samjeong-gil 99 , Nam-gu, Daegu

You can view the pin for Gate 4,  the Main Gate on google maps here.

We can also deliver your food to Gate 6, the Commercial Tactical Gate. This gate is closest to Hyeonchungno Station Exit 3. If you'd like to delivery to the gate, you can set your delivery location to the address provided below (please copy & paste):

Address in Korean:  대구광역시 남구 대명동 521-4

Address in English: 521-4 Daemyeong-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea

You can view the pin for Gate 6,  the Commercial Tactical Gate on google maps here.

Camp Henry

For residents living on Camp Henry, we can deliver your food to Gate 2, the Walk-in Gate. If you'd like to delivery to the gate, you can set your delivery location to the address provided below (please copy & paste):

Address in Korean:  대구 남구 이천동 477

Address in English: 5477 Icheon-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu, South Korea

You can view the pin for Gate 2, the Walk-in Gate on google maps here.

Self Pickup

In 2020, Shuttle launched a convenient self pickup service whereby customers can order ahead and retrieve their own orders. The service enables customers to browse local options, order ahead, skip the line, and pay online. Customers near Camp Walker & Camp Henry may find it helpful when they are in transit to/from work everyday or for short lunch hours and coffee breaks.

Customer Service

If you need help, you can message us during business hours on live chat. We can help you set up your address, or get your FAQs answered in minutes. The Shuttle customer service team is fully bilingual and happy to help.

Camp Walker & Camp Henry Delivery Hours

Get food delivered in the Camp Walker & Camp Henry area with Shuttle. Delivery service is open from is open from 11am to 11pm, daily. We are open for food delivery and pickup service on nearly all American & Korean holidays.

Sunday – 11:00 – 23:00
Monday – 11:00 – 23:00
Tuesday – 11:00 – 23:00
Wednesday – 11:00 – 23:00
Thursday – 11:00 – 23:00
Friday – 11:00 – 23:00
Saturday – 11:00 – 23:00

Shuttle is open for food delivery 7 days a week. Get good food delivered around Camp Walker & Camp Henry on Shuttle.

Quarantine Service

If you are living outside the Camp Walker or Camp Henry installation, Shuttle can provide quarantine support with contact-free deliveries. Simply request a contact-free delivery during the checkout process and we will leave your food by your door. Shuttle makes quarantine in the Daegu area a breeze.

Cuisine Types Available

The cuisine types available for delivery in the Camp Walker & Camp Henry include:

American & Grill, Italian & Pizza, Asian, Mexican, Chicken, Korean, Veg & Health, Desserts, Grocery

Tags & Filters

Popular tags for the Camp Walker & Camp Henry area include:

Shuttle Only, Sharing, Healthy, Under 10k, Spicy, Big Portions, Hearty, & Shuttle Favorite

Filter restaurants by dietary restrictions like: Vegan, Vegetarian, Halal


The Camp Walker and Camp Henry area offers a lot of great restaurants. Some popular restaurants for food delivery in Daegu include:

New Saladin Restaurant - Daegu

New Saladin

New Saladin restaurant serves Traditional Indian and Pakistani curries bursting with spices.

See the New Saladin’s menu here.

El Sabor de Mexico - Daegu

El Sabor de Mexico

El Sabor es verdadero Tex-Mex. Texas-style Mexican food in the heart of Korea.

See the El Sabor’s menu here.

Good Fried Chicken - Daegu

Good Fried Chicken

Good Fried Chicken, the name doubles as the value proposition. Be advised, they add a little bit of heat to all their chicken. Please keep this in mind when ordering for children or if you are sensitive to spicy foods.

See Good Fried Chicken's menu here.

Haus Burger - Daegu

Haus Burger

Hausburger uses local meats and fresh vegetables that they get directly from the market every day to make their Traditional American burgers. Their buns are made by the infamous May Morning Bakery. Their special sauce will have you coming back for more.

See Haus Burger's menu here.

Mentawai - Daegu


Mentawai make delicious East Asian dishes. From Vietnamese, Thai, and Indonesian. What are you craving today?

See Mentawai's menu here.

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