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Coffee Catering for Your Company Made Easy

July 7, 2022

Are you attending a meeting at your company? You want drinks for the meeting but you don’t know what to choose and where to order? Do you feel lost, due to a lack of knowing where to even start? No worries, we can help you!

Meetings have always been a part of our everyday life; especially in the workplace. For two years covid prevented a lot of our social moments together, but nowadays, people are craving human interactions more than ever! We as people have always enjoyed meeting for everything; speaking about a new idea, an opportunity, or a problem. In-person meetings will continue to be the preferred choice for individuals needing time to reach an important decision. At all kinds of meetings, you can create and plan a new project with your colleagues or just for brainstorming. Since a meeting is always shared with someone, it's also a great opportunity to bond and build a closer relationship with them.  Here are some great ways to bond by sharing coffee!

1) Coffee & meeting, the winning combo: A simple meeting might sometimes be unproductive; that’s why you should consider turning your meeting into a "coffee meeting.” What is the interest in having a coffee meeting? A lot of studies show that it's great for our mental health, to spend time socializing with our colleagues while taking a break and enjoying a cup of coffee; we increase our work-related enjoyment and productivity. To succeed in a coffee meeting you need to focus on the work relationships and not the logistics of getting good coffee and desserts; So just call for coffee!

2) Share the moment, share the coffee: The main difficulty when you order coffee or desserts for a company meeting, is the menu and the quantity. It's sometimes quite difficult to order drinks one by one, and it's also usually more expensive compared to group ordering. If you're looking for a cheaper Americano dessert set or drink sampler set formula; you can find it on Shuttle delivery with the brand DRIPDROP(드립드랍). We find the standout menu items with DripDrop are the:

DripDrop Americano (signature):  We will start with the first drink, the dripdrop Americano! Nutty, earthy, yet delicate & drinkable. Ideal for every moment; take a short break in your agitated life.

Vanilla bean latte: Want the vibe of exploring the lush Bourbon Vanilla orchids of Madagascar Island? Try sipping this drink! The vanilla beans deliver lavish, fragrant flavors for people who wish to travel far… from their chairs!  

Egg tart x2 pcs (signature): One dessert is good, but two are definitely better!  Smooth & creamy egg custard baked in a flaky, buttery crust. This other DripDrop signature is a nice combo with a Cafe Latte. It will feel like coming back to your childhood.

Coffee latte: Sometimes coffee alone is a bit too strong. So adding some nice milk to it, will take away some of the strength of the coffee. Choose a latte if you want more balance to your cup of coffee.

Dessert set: To the little gourmet folks like myself, who will always need to have a little something to eat with their drink, but often stop themselves because adding snacks tends to be a bit too expensive. Try this set! For people like me, who want to have a full stomach but don’t want empty pockets, this combo is ideal. Much cheaper than buying one drink and one dessert separately; the duo will delight you.

Milk tea latte (non coffee-based): People who can't have caffeine sometimes feel excluded at a meeting or when hanging out with their friends. But with this menu, you won’t have to worry about that. You can just focus on sharing a good time with your colleagues or friends!

Vegan brownie (chocolate): Our Vegan friends are welcome to great snacks too. We know how hard it is to find vegan products in Korea; but this menu is beloved by vegans and non-vegans alike. Anyone will feel happy eating this vegan, gluten-free, fudgy chocolate brownie with a cute look.

Madeleine + egg tart: Do you love France? Do you love egg tarts? Then look at this!   A savory combo freshly baked to start your morning right.

Grapefruit ade (signature): What if I want an iced drink instead of a coffee? Because at a meeting, coffee doesn’t always have to be the norm. We all know how especially hot it is here in Korea during the summer; Dripdrop concocted a special conserve recipe. Refreshing & invigorating!

Chocolate lava cake: Have you ever felt that when you eat a cake, it can be a little dry? To avoid this problem, this cake is filled with rich chocolate sauce. Goodbye dry cakes, Welcome happiness.  

Heard from customers :

*I order food because I was hungry during my quarantine. Thanks to it I recovered quickly. Thank you DripDrop. Really delicious, a lot and nothing missing*

*The packaging was very impressive. the egg tarts and chocolate cake that came with drinks were also warm and delicious. Thank you for the chocolate you gave me for Valentine’s day. Wish you good luck!

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