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The Best Spicy Delivery Meals

January 31, 2020

Whether it’s the adrenaline or a complicated evolutionary trait, humans have a strange relationship with capsaicin filled foods. We love it, we hate it, and we love that we hate it. Humans are said to be the only animals that love eating spicy food! Spicy food makes a thrilling choice for dinner on a mundane weeknight. So let’s take a look at great spicy meals you can consider for tonight!

Buddha's Belly (Itaewon)

Thai food has an amazing take on spicy food, it’s no wonder it’s become so popular around the world. Get your heart’s desire of Thai food such as spicy, sweet, and tangy noodles, Thai curry that brings your taste buds to life, and stir fries that leave you wanting more. They have an extensive menu offering you a lot of options to explore! See full menu here.

SSong Thai (Itaewon)

Ssong Thai is a very popular Thai restaurant in the Itaewon area. They are famous for their wide range of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Meat lovers, fear not, they also have yummy beef, chicken and shrimp dishes. There is something to suit all tastes, this is the perfect delivery option for a big group. See full menu here.

Chakraa (Seocho)

Replete with colors and spices, who could forget Indian style meals when they're hungry for spicy food? Chakraa boasts an authentic Indian menu with page after page of enticing dishes. And the great thing about Indian food is that each dish has a different type and level of spice so that everyone in the house can enjoy the meal that suits them best. See full menu here.

Anak (Yeoksam)

Of course, no one eats as spicy as Koreans do! Gochu might have been introduced to Korea in modern times, but it’s definitely found a secure place in complementing Korean cuisine. They are a specialty restaurant focused on making mouthwatering Steamed Kimchi. Raise the heat and have an appetizing spicy Korean meal today. See full menu here.

El Pino 323 (Itaewon)

On the other side of the planet, Mexicans have discovered the secret to food so tasty you cannot stop eating. On this side of the planet, a Korean man from L.A. is making spicy Mexican meals that are some of the best Mexican food made in Seoul! Fajitas, enchiladas, tacos, tortas, and more, this feast will make you want to try them all! See full menu here.

Delhi India (Mapo)

If you’re in search of some spicy delight, Delhi India has a lot to offer. Are you in the mood for a bite of Samosas? Or maybe you want the burning challenge of Chicken Tikka? Delhi India will surprise you. The food is tasty, and they have vegetarian and Halal options for the foodies with dietary restrictions. See full menu here.

Goms603 (Nonhyeon)

Goms603 has a menu filled with hearty western-style dishes such as steaks, pastas, burgers, and even wings. It’s true, not all their menu is spicy, but the ones that do have a kick to them are worth mentioning in this list. Try their Jalapeno Cream Hamburg Steak, Jalapeno Spicy Burger, Gochujang Rose Cream Pasta, or hot wings to spice things up for dinner tonight. See full menu here.

Do you love spicy food? Have you tried any of the restaurants mentioned above? Do you know of any other restaurants that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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Written by Marie for Shuttle