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The Best Pizzas In Seoul & Pyeongtaek

October 15, 2019

When you think about the Seoul food scene, pizza might not pop to mind instantly. But actually, Seoul has some pretty amazing pizza restaurants. Whether you're looking for a New York-style, on-the-go slices, deep-dish Chicago or wood-fired Italian-style pizza, it’s all here in Seoul. Listed below are the best pizza restaurants in Seoul and Pyeongtaek, now also available through Shuttle Delivery.

Brix Pizza (Itaewon)

Brix Pizza Joint in Itaewon knows how the make the best Italian/New York Style Pizza, as they import high quality flour from Italy, have the best pizza cheese, use fresh vegetables and the most stunning meat. The thin, crispy crust pizzas are perfect for a group of 3 to 4 people. If you don't feel like eating pizza, then you can always order a salad, wings or pasta. See full menu here.

7th Street Pizza (Mapo)

7th Street Pizza has been around and loved since 1997. They are known for their signature pan pizzas, which are also healthier than the standard pizza as their manufacturing process removes fat completely and the flour is created from 10 different types of grains. See full menu here.

Gino's New York Pizza (Apgujeong)

An authentic New York-style pizza restaurant that won’t disappoint! Gino’s New York Pizza has two restaurant which offer delivery food through Shuttle, namely in Itaewon and Apgujeong. They offer pizzas in different sizes and sell yummy sides like Gino’s Famous Wings or fries. See full menu here.

Vera Pizza (Gangnam)

Vera Pizza is a modern Italian restaurant where you can try authentic Italian pizzas from Naples. The restaurant is certified by the Napoli Pizza Association (AVPN), which ensures the authenticity of the Napoli pizzas. At Vera you'll get good value for your money. See full menu here.

PB+ (Pizza & Burger Plus) (Itaewon)

The food at PB+ is freshly prepared daily using halal meat, fresh veggies and high quality dough. Not only do they have yummy pizzas, but also burgers, chicken wings an d more. See full menu here.

Trevia (Itaewon)

Try Trevia if you are craving for some of the best pizza! The menu includes trover 20 different types of pizza and is made with the freshest ingredients. Not only are their pizzas absolutely amazing, don’t miss out on the lineup of pastas and lasagna! You’ll also find cheese-free pizzas for vegans. See full menu here.

Anov (Yongsan)

Authentic homemade New York style pizza is what Anov is famous for. The screen pizzas are made fresh with 100% mozzarella cheese, fresh toppings, special Anov tomato sauce and handmade dough. All pizzas are 11 inches and are cut into 6 large pieces which makes this pizza great to share between 2 people. See full menu here.

Brix Pizzeria (Anjeong-ri)

Another great restaurant, this time not in Seoul but in the Pyeongdtaek area, Brix Pizzeria is a fantastic Italian pizza restaurant with homemade sauce and handmade dough. Not only do they serve pizza, other dishes on the menu include salads, a portion of fries or chicken wings. See full menu here.

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Written by Marie for Shuttle

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