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Best New Restaurants On Shuttle

May 9, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

At Shuttle, we’re constantly trying to find the best new restaurants to add to our delivery options in the different areas of Seoul and beyond. The selection of restaurants available on Shuttle was never this vast. Listed below are some of the best new restaurants available through the Shuttle app and website.

Halal Guys (Hongdae)

The notorious New York-styled American Halal dishes feature unique flavours in their sandwiches and platters. The best dish is the combo chicken & gyro platter with a side of fries. Don’t forget to ask for their signature white sauce. The Halal Guys had 2 restaurants previously listed on Shuttle, one in Itaewon and the other in Gangnam. Now the Hongdae branch is also available through our app. See full menu here.

Burger In New York (Busan)

Shuttle only recently offered delivery in Busan and Burger In New York on of the best burger shops in Busan, so a must try delivery option. This small burger shop serves some of the best burgers and offers high-quality meat and seasonings, fresh veggies and yummy fries. See full menu here.

Anov (Yongsan)

Authentic homemade New York style pizza is what Anov is famous for. The screen pizzas are made fresh with 100% mozzarella cheese, fresh toppings, special Anov tomato sauce and handmade dough. All pizzas are 11 inches and are cut into 6 large pieces which makes this pizza great to share between 2 people. See full menu here.

Oscar’s Taco Shop (Busan)

Another great restaurant in Busan, namely Oscar’s Taco Shop. This restaurant only opened earlier this year and serves the best Mexican food in town. Make sure to try the amazing burritos, quesadillas, tacos and nachos. Even vegetarians will find something to suite their pallet as Oscar’s Taco Shop sells 2 types of vegetarian burritos. See full menu here.

Trevia (Itaewon)

Try Trevia if you are craving for some of the best pizza! The menu includes over 20 different types of pizza and is made with the freshest ingredients. Not only are their pizzas absolutely amazing, don’t miss out on the lineup of pastas and lasagna! You’ll also find cheese-free pizzas for vegans. See full menu here.

Yogerpresso (Anjeongri)

Have your favourite morning coffee now delivered to your doorstep. All the amazing drinks available in store can now be delivered. Including the amazing caramel macchiato, mint mocha latte, mint chocolate yopuccino, cheese frappe and many more. See full menu here.

New York Apartment Original Grill

New York Apartment Original Grill is a new restaurant in Hongdae, known for their handmade burgers. There are 13 different burgers available on the menu with beef and pork. The restaurant uses real steak, instead of a patty for their burgers. See full menu here.

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