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Best Hangover Delivery Food In Seoul

April 8, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

The painful morning after the crazy night way you are getting out of bed to make food! Now with Shuttle, you don’t have to anymore, because we are ready and waiting to deliver a hangover cure right to your doorstep. From greasy fast food to traditional Korean hangover dish. Below is an overview of some of the best dishes to order from Shuttle that will cure your hangover and help you start your day.

Shinyongsan Gamjatang (Yongsan)

Gamjatang is the ultimate Korean hangover soup, it is somethings Koreans swear by. This spicy pork back bone soup is filled with all kinds of vegetables like dried cabbage, mushrooms and sesame leaves. The Shinyongsan Gamjatang sells big portions for 2, 3 or 4 people. See full menu here.

Halal Guys (Gangnam)

Meat and foods high in protein help your body to deal with a hangover. So ordering from the Halal Guys in Gangnam is the perfect remedy to cure your body. The notorious New York-styled American Halal dishes feature unique flavours in their sandwiches and platters. The best dish is the combo chicken & gyro platter with a side of fries. Don’t forget to ask for their signature white sauce. See full menu here.

Puro Juice (Daechi)

Fruits like banana, blueberries, watermelon, oranges and tomato are the ultimate hangover cures. Have them mixed together in a smoothie and gone is the hangover. Puro Juice even sells special hangover remedy juices like the super kale. Other yummy juices include are anti-oxidant, anti-aging, are good for eyesight and digestion. See full menu here.

Pizza School

Fight a hangover with some proper greasy fast food from Pizza School. This delivery pizza restaurant can be found all over Seoul and is like an institution in the pizza food scene. Their wide range of options include cheese pizza, Ddukgalbi pizza, Napoli Pizza, Gorgonzola and many more. See full menu here.

Hosigi Chicken

Hosigi Chicken both satisfies your appetite and wallet. The fresh crispy chicken is in very high demand all around Seoul. The chicken restaurant offers chichen sets for 1 person or more and can include boneless chicken, drumstick & wings and noodles. For the brave ones there is the ddang-cho fiery hot chicken sets. See full menu here.

Quynh (Itaewon)

A modern looking Vietnamese restaurant on the main street of Itaewon. The yummy rice noodle soups served in Quynh will make you feel better instantly. Make sure to try the Pho Chin or Pho Tai Lan, both made with fresh noodles. Not a fan of soups? Then the stir-fried morning glory or deep-fried spring rolls are the way to go. See full menu here.

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