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Best Food To Order When On A Picnic In Seoul

April 23, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Picnic weather in Seoul has finally arrived! Luckily the city is filled with the ultimate picnic spots in the many forests, parks and along the river. You might have noticed, but when it comes to picnicking, Koreans have it down pat. Read on to find out where to picnic, what to bring and what food to order!

Where To Picnic In Seoul & What To Bring

There are all types of picnicking spots in Seoul, along the river, on one of the mountains and in one of the many of the city parks. Here are some of our favourite spots:

  • Banpo Hangang Park
  • Seoul Forest
  • Yeouido Hangang Park
  • Olympic Park
  • Namsam Park

When spending an afternoon relaxing with friends, make sure to come prepared. The basics to bring are a picnic blanket, ball or frisbee and a tent to block out the sun. It is very common to come with packed lunches and snacks or to just order the delivery food straight to the park.

Best Food To Order When Picnicking

At the entrance of the parks, you’ll often see people handing out flyers from restaurants that deliver food to the parks. Unfortunately you’ll have to call the restaurant and make an order in Korean. Why make it hard, when ordering through the shuttle app is so easy. Below is a list of the best food to order through shuttle when picnicking.

1. Cultwo Chicken

Fried chicken and beer is a great picnic dish as it’s easy to share among friends. Treat yourself to the wonderful chicken of Cultwo Chicken. The chicken tenders, wings and drumsticks will bring instant happiness to your picnic party. Don’t forget to order a bottle of draft beer! See the full menu here.

2. Kimbab Cheonguk

What’s not to love about Kimbab? It’s simple, healthy and doesn’t leave a mess. Kimbab Cheonguk has branches all over Seoul, making it easy to order at any picnic spot. Other popular dishes from Kimbab Cheonguk include pork cutlet, bibimbap and kimchi stew. See the full menu here.

3. Trevia

Try Trevia if you are craving for some of the best pizza! The menu includes over 20 different types of pizza and is made with the freshest ingredients. Not only are their pizzas absolutely amazing, don’t miss out on the lineup of pastas and lasagna! You’ll also find cheese-free pizzas for vegans. See the full menu here.

4. Crave Salads

There is nothing better than a refreshing salad on a hot spring day. Not only are the salads from Crave Salad yummy, they’ll also make your wallet happy. Try the Cobb Salad or Greek Salad and order a side of hummus. See the full menu here.

5. Bao Bar

Order the famous Taiwanese street food from Bao Bar! The delicious Pork Bao is filled Braised pork belly, peanut powder, coriander and pickled cucumber. A match made in heaven. See the full menu here.

6. Gusto Taco

The key to the perfect picnic food is to keep it light. Therefor try the amazing tacos, quesadilla and burritos from Gusto Taco. Make sure to try the pork taco, chicken quesadilla and cheese nachos. See the full menu here.

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