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Best Food To Order In Seoul When On A Diet

March 17, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

On a diet or in the mood for healthy food but just can’t bring yourself to start chopping veggies and prepare a meal from scratch. Then delivery is the way to go. Most of us think of delivery food as being fastfood and less healthy than the average home cooked meal, but nothing is less true as Shuttle has loads of healthy food options ready to be delivered to your doorstep. Below, we've listed the best healthy delivery food options in Seoul, now available on shuttle.

Bari (Iteawon)

At Bari’s in Itaewon, you can have a healthy bowl filled with rice, salad and a wide array of healthy toppings like quinoa, almonds, shrimp and avocado. Another great bowl that is served at Bari is the açai bowls which are served with seasonal fruits, honey, nuts and optionally yoghurt. The all time best bowl is the Citron Salmon Rice Bowl! See full menu here.

Salad Brothers (Mapo)

Affordable and fun healthy food, that’s what the Salad Brothers are aiming to serve. All dishes prepared with fresh greens and all-natural ingredients are both healthy and tasty. The restaurant is located in the Hongdae area, which is a vibrant student area, but has delivery options to many places in Seoul. See full menu here.

Sprout (Itaewon)

Sprout is a little different than the other places on this list as it is not a restaurant, it only sells food on delivery or pick up. It was created back in 2015 and is a Natural Healthy Whole Food meal service that only sells vegan and vegetarian friendly food. See full menu here

Spoon Me

Spoon Me is a premium-plant based meal service that sells healthy and yummy vegan or vegetarian food bowls. Their goal is to deliver affordable meals that are unique, well-balanced and prepared with the freshest ingredients. See full menu here

La Ferme (Itaewon)

Cleanse smoothies and fresh daily made superfoods are sold by La Ferme in Itaewon. The dishes made with quinoa, oats, lentils and avocado are the perfect detox or reboot. Getting a dessert made with chia seed is highly recommended. See full menu here.

Pick & Carry (Hongdae)

A wonderful restaurant in the Hongdae area that serves yummy healthy lunch boxes and drinks. The options on the menu are limited but all super delicious. A must try is the chicken tender salad or the basil pesto pasta. All drinks sold at the restaurant are from Sassy drinks, a company from France specialized in ciders. See full menu here

Puro Juice (Gangnam)

The best juices in town! Puro Juice has a wide array of options to choose from including all sorts of fruit juices and green smoothies. With the best juices being Mango Magic, Super Kale and CoCo Kale. Each drink only costs 3500 won and can be delivered to your doorstep. See full menu here

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Are you trying to stay healthy but don’t always have the energy to cook? Have you tried any of the restaurants mentioned above? Do you know of any other restaurants that should be added to the list? Let us know in the comment section below.

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