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Best Food Deliveries Before Clubbing in Itaewon

May 1, 2020

We all know that clubbing on an empty stomach or after a questionable dinner meal is a bad idea. It will lead to getting yourself drunk too quickly, having to leave the party early or even texting your ex with that “heyy you up?” question.  

We will give you the top 5 meals that will prevent you from these things happening and we will explain you why. These meals will be delivered to your home while you can prepare for tonight’s party.

Bolonese Spaghetti from Dinette (Itaewon Region)

(A Classic Bolonese Sauce Tomato Pasta)

Get yourself a nice Spaghetti from Dinnet to have enough energy the rest of the night. Energy in the body comes from glucose which is stored in your body in the form of glycogen. When drinking, alcohol will deplete these sources of glycogen, but the carbs in a spaghetti will keep your glycogen levels up so you can party longer.
Order your Bolonese Spaghetti here

Chicken Quinoa Salad from La Ferme (Itaewon Region)

(Chicken, quinoa, broccoli, tomato, orange, rosemary, hazelnut, wholegrain mustard dressing and sweet pumpkin spread with bread)

Quinoa that is one of the main ingredients which is high in fibers that keeps your stomach full for the night. This prevents the strong effect alcohol can have on you. Besides that, with all these veggies you got yourself a super healthy meal.
Order your Chicken Quinoa Salad here

Granpa Burger from Rocka Doodle (Itaewon Region)

(A burger bun with chicken thigh, American cheese, scallion mayo, iceberg lettuce and tomato)

These ingredients make a first class mix of protein and carbs. Your stomach will slowly digest this meal what causes it to slow down the increase of alcohol in your blood. Besides that, you will taste one of the most amazing chicken burgers in Seoul.   
Order your Granpa Burger here

Indian Omelette from Bombay Grill (Itaewon Region)

(Perfect Pak-Indian breakfast !! cooked with 2 Egg and healthy herbs)

Not that hungry? A cheaper option is the Indian omelette. The eggs contain essential amino acids to help break down some of the alcohol faster. Besides, everybody likes a warm omelette with fresh herbs, Indian style!
Order your Indian Omelette here

Avocado Salad from La Ferme (Itaewon Region)

(Avocado, salmon, quinoa, cucumber, tomato, green bean, almond, lemon cream dressing, avocado spread with bread)

And saving the best for last this super food consists of many ingredients that perfect basis to start off your night. First of all quinoa is included in this amazing meal. Just like in the Chicken Quinoa Salad it decreases the surprising effect alcohol can have on you.  Besides that, this meal is rich of healthy fats from the avocado. They have the same purpose as carbs, but digest even slower which has an even better prevention against alcohol. Last but not least, the salmon in this meal is rich of vitamin B-12 that play a role in physiologically functions, like short time memory. The salmon will actually help you remind last night better. All of this makes it one of your best meals to start off your night out.  
Order your Avocado Salad here

Have fun clubbing in Itaewon!
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