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Best Delivery Options for Valentine’s Day

February 11, 2019

Written by Marie for Shuttle

Valentine’s Day is coming and many of you are starting to plan the day with your loved one. If you are looking for a more laid-back way to spend with your date, then eating yummy desserts at home in front of the TV might be the perfect choice. No need for reservations or fancy clothes! Here are Shuttle’s options for Valentine’s Day, listed below in no particular order along with their service area.

Cre8 Cookies (Gangnam)

There is nothing more comforting than eating cookies straight out of the oven. Cre8 Cookies is a cute little cookie bakery with 2 venues in Seoul. The beautifully decorated shop has a homely feel to it. There are different kinds of cookies on the menu with the best one being the M&M and the classic chocolate chip cookie.


If you are staying the night in to watch a movie with your partner on Valentine's Day then these cookies are a must get. You can get the cookies individually or in a box of 6, 12 or 24. See full menu here.

Cookie Monster (Itaewon)

Not only does Cookie Monster sell the classic cookies, it also offers a set of cute character cookies including Elmo, Minions, Kaonashi, Bonobono and many more. This shops also sells some interesting flavour combinations like butterscotch & pink salt cookie, nutella jam cookie or a caramel pretzel cookie. See full menu here.

Sweet Bite (Itaewon)

Sweet Bite focuses on offering a wide range of delicious looking macarons. There are 11 different flavours for sale including the pure milk, matcha choco, red bean paste and butter and the Crème brûlée macaron. Apart from macarons the shop also sells a variety of yummy drinks. See full menu here.


Halcyon Flowers (Gangnam)

Not a restaurant but Halcyon Flowers is a renowned flower shop and floral art school that makes the most beautiful bouquets and flower arrangements. This iconic flower shop in Gangnam makes modern and classical designs which are a perfect gift for your other half on Valentine's Day. What's great about this flower shop is on Shuttle they offer  a same-day flower delivery service. No need to venture all the way to the other side of Seoul, you can have them delivered directly to your partner's workplace or home. What could be more romantic that having a special bouquet delivered? See full menu here.


Mal Car (Itaewon)

A three floor quirky cafe which has lots of hidden corners to sit in. It is located in the more residential area of Gyeongridan and has a vintage car theme going on. The shops sells all sorts of American and European style pastries like cinnamon rolls, croissants, baguettes and pain au chocolat. See full menu here.

Street Churros (Itaewon)

Churros is a simple and cheap comfort snack, perfect to end your Valentine’s date with. The tiny shop, Street Churros is located in the Noksapyeong area and different churros flavours are available like the classic churros, cinnamon, onion and cajun. To make the dessert complete, order some chocolate, cream cheese, strawberry or chili dipping dipping sauce. See full menu here.


Sweet East (Itaewon)

Funnel cakes! A delicious North American dessert often found at carnivals, sports events or fairs. The plain flavoured cakes are typically served with powdered sugar but Sweet East also offers jelly, cinnamon, chocolate or fresh fruit as a topping. See full menu here.


Luce Ave Coffee (Itaewon)

The Luce Ave coffee shop at Yongsan stations sells sandwiches, desserts and drinks. The best dessert and drink to try at the coffee shop are the shortbread cookie and white chocolate mocha. Have it delivered to your house for the perfect night in. See full menu here.


Always Tart (Sinchon)

Last but not least, Always Tart in Sinchon. This shop has interesting flavoured tarts on the menu sold per slice or as a whole. All the tarts are handmade from scratch and flavours include the granach, fig, walnut and many more. See full menu here.

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