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Tips for throwing the perfect BBQ in Korea

May 24, 2022

Get fired up, it's grilling time.

The cherry blossoms have fallen and summer heat has started to rise. The Korean government has started to lift the COVID restrictions and there's never been a better time to be outside.

A good old barbecue in the backyard is the perfect way to enjoy these beautiful sun-filled days. Here's Shuttle guide to throwing the perfect summer barbecue in Korea.

How to throw the perfect BBQ.

1. Get Your Backyard Ready

Tidy up the garden and clean our your grill. Get your outdoor furniture in shape and get ready to grill!

2. Plan the Perfect Menu

Racks of ribs, a thick ribeye steak, burgers and sausages are classic BBQ menus that can hardly go wrong. For smaller groups, consider adding some creativity to your menu, whether it be lamb kebabs or glazed BBQ chicken wings - a small detail can make a difference. Also make sure your side dishes are strong. A nice little potato salad or coleslaw could be the secret sauce to making an unforgettable BBQ.

3. Get the Right Meat

Invest a little extra on top-quality meat from your local butcher, or order from a trusted meat delivery service that provides top-quality American, Australian and Korean meat.

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