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Aesthetic Cafes in Seoul You Need to Visit

June 27, 2022

A must-do thing in Seoul is to visit the many aesthetic cafes that are all around the capital. There are just so many options that you can choose from depending on which area you are going to or what type of cafe you wish to go to.

Here are some of the cafes that I have personally been to and have been wowed by their designs, vibes, and foods.

Thanks Nature Cafe

Address: 10 Hongik-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul

Located in the heart of Hongdae, Thanks Nature Cafe is home to delicious foods like croffles and bingsoos, drinks such as coffees and teas, and home to… sheep. That’s right, Thanks Nature Cafe is a sheep cafe.

Photo Courtesy of Josephine G

The Cafe is separated into an indoor seating dining area and an outdoor area where customers can interact and see the sheep. Usually, customers head into the cafe area to drink a beverage and eat something since they require people to purchase something before heading out to see the sheep.

The sheep that are at the cafe are usually different depending on the season you go in but all of them are maintained really clean and are all super friendly with people. This cafe is definitely a must go to as their croffles are delicious and their sheep are a must see!

Photo Courtesy of Thomas & Katherine

Dosan Mama

Address: 45 Apgujeong-ro 42-gil, Apgujeong-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

Dosan Mama is located in the popular neighborhood of Apgujeong. The neighborhood of Apgujeong is known to be one of the wealthiest places in Korea so the whole area surrounding Dosan Mama is actually filled with fancy restaurants and pretty cafes.

Photo Courtesy of Virginia Lazzari Davila

Painted in a hot pink color and decorated with plants and vines, the overall atmosphere for Dosan Mama is very tranquil, aesthetic, and chill. A lot of people get cakes and coffee at this place to chat and hangout with friends and some others come here to study and stay for a while. There are both indoor and outdoor seating so depending on how you are feeling, you can feel free to sit anywhere that is open. Pictured below is some of their famous pastries that customers love:

Photo Courtesy of Naver Blogs

Cloud Cafe

Address: 350 Dongjak-daero, Seocho-gu, Seoul

If you are looking for a place to wind down after a long walk or after an exhausting exercise at the Han River, Cloud Cafe is the perfect place for you to relax with a refreshment. The cafe itself is accessible through the sidewalk that runs along the Han River but you actually have to take an elevator or the stairs up to the 4th floor. The cafe oversees the city and the Han River and it truly just has an amazing view.

Photo Courtesy of Naver Blogs

Cloud Cafe is also conveniently located just a couple of feet away from the subway station so if you are planning on taking public transportation, it’s perfect! If you see a lot of cyclists come in with their gears and helmets, it’s completely normal as a lot of people who exercise go to the Cloud Cafe to relax with a nice view after working hard.

Photo Courtesy of Kimchee Bookings

Greem Cafe

Address: Seoul, Mapo-gu, Seongmisan-ro, 161-10 Cafe

You might have already seen pictures of the Greem Cafe all around the internet as it rose to fame due to its appearance in the movie To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. This cafe has become a hot spot for a lot of tourists as everything that it has strives to be monotone and 2D.

Photo Courtesy of Elisa Zagaria

This theme is actually so popular that there are other cafes that are the same that have opened in other countries such as Singapore and Japan. The whole cafe feels animated and pencil sketched that it’s a very popular spot for instagram posts.

Photo Courtesy of Villa 88

AB Cafe

Address: 32 Gangnam-daero 102-gil, Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

The AB Cafe is located in the smaller streets of Gangnam where the surrounding area is filled with other cute cafes, restaurants, and shops as well. Decorated in a Bali theme,  the cafe is very tropical and it makes you feel like you’re in a coffee shop by the beach.

Photo Courtesy of Creatrip

The cafe itself is very big and actually has four floors in total with each floor being full most of the time. They sell coffees, teas, ades, and other refreshments along with desserts such as different types of cakes. AB Cafe has become a very popular spot as it’s like a small getaway from the busy city of Seoul.

Photo Courtesy of Creatrip

Ddong Cafe

Address: Ddong Café, Insadong-gil, Gwanhun-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul

Insadong is known for its traditional shops that sell cultural Korean merchandise such as hanboks, chopsticks, and other things. Hidden inside however is a poop themed cafe called Ddong Cafe (Ddong means poop in Korean). It is a bit tricky to find it but it’s on the top floor of the art mall in Insadong. When you’re walking on the big strip of Insadong, you need to find the art mall in order to go to the Ddong Cafe. Pictured below is the “poop bread” that they have which is basically a pastry that is shaped in the form of a poop.

Photo Courtesy of Lexi

Not only are there fake toilets, fake poop shaped plushies, and fake poops laying around the cafe, their foods and beverages nod to the theme as well. For their waffles, they are poop shaped, and for their drinks, they put them in fake toilet cups. Ddong Cafe is not for the weak hearted and only those who can overcome the weird aspect of drinking out of a toilet and eating poop shaped food can really go through the whole experience. It is an overall interesting cafe that one needs to visit when they are traveling in Seoul!

Photo Courtesy of Lexi

Plant Cafe

Address: 2 floor, 117 Bogwang-ro, Yongsan-gu, Seoul

A great vegetarian option for those who are craving something meatless is the Plant Cafe at Itaewon. Located on the second floor, the interior is decorated with hanging pots of plants which make everything very green and vibey.

Photo Courtesy of Happy Cow

This place is very foreign-friendly as most workers speak English. While most cafes only offer beverage options to their customers, Plant Cafe not only offers shakes, milkshakes, and teas, but they actually offer a lot of food options such as pastas, bowls, chili fries, and more. Refer to Irene's blog on more vegan restaurants around Seoul that you can check out!

Photo Courtesy of Happy Cow

These are just some of the cafes that I have personally been to that I can attest are unique and most importantly, aesthetic. Seoul has so many cafes with interesting themes and delicious foods that one can randomly find while walking down the street.

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