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A Tasty World of Chocolate Wonders!

October 23, 2023

Do you have a favorite type of chocolate? Are you into milk chocolate, dark chocolate, or white chocolate? My love for chocolate has no bounds; that is why I could not leave Seoul, South Korea without trying different chocolate shops like Hi Chocola, 17 Seoul, and Cacao Dada. Even in my home state of Michigan I have my favorite chocolate shop. If you keep reading, I may just share with you what it is. Also, if that is not enough for you chocolate lovers out there you can even purchase chocolate from the Shuttle App.  Before we get into all of that, why not learn some history on chocolate.

History on Chocolate

Chocolate is from fruit that comes from cacao trees. Cacao trees are found in Central and South America. The fruit from cacao trees is called pods. The pods carry about 40 cacao beans. People dry the beans and roast them to make the cocoa beans. During ancient times it was said that Olmec pots and vessels from around 1500 B.C. were discovered with traces of theobromine. Theobromine can be found in chocolate and tea. It was said that cacao was used to create ceremonial drinks for the Olmecs but there is no real written history on whether or not they used the pulp of the cacao pods or the cacao beans for the drink. The Olmecs passed on their knowledge of what is cacao to the Central America Maya who ended up loving chocolate. The Mayan would use chocolate drinks as a way to celebrate important ceremonies. You did not have to be wealthy to enjoy chocolate, just about everyone who is anyone was able to have chocolate and it was enjoyed with just about every meal in their households.

In South Korea Chocolate did not really become known until the late 19th and early 20th centuries during the time Korea was under the Japanese (1910-1945). Japan had introduced a bunch of different Western foods and chocolate ended up being one of them. Chocolate did not really become a big thing till World War II and the Korean War. Once the Korean War (1950-1953) was over South Korea ended up going through a reconstruction. Western influences became widespread as the country decided to become more open to the world, which brought in more types of chocolate. Chocolate became more popular in South Korea as South Korea's economy grew and trade with Western countries expanded. Today, chocolate is enjoyed everywhere in South Korea, and you can find several different flavors of chocolate-based products just like in the first place I am going to talk about Hi Chocola.

Hi Chocola

Hi Chocola has been open since May of 2021. They not only have a Korean menu but they also have an English menu as well. They have various types of chocolates from milk chocolate, and dark chocolate at a price of 5,000 won (3.68 US Dollars), and white chocolate for 5,500 (4.05 US Dollars). You can also find chocolate covered almonds here for 3,000 won (2.21 US Dollars). What might make them different from others that you might find strange is that the chocolate is healthy here. All of their chocolate is homemade as well. The café is very cute and looks as if it is by itself. When you walk inside of the café you see these beautiful chandeliers in the room where you purchase chocolate and then there is another room that gives off date night vibes because of the dark beauty it gives

Photo by: Hi Chocola

When I visited, I sat in the front area near the chocolate. I was able to purchase some white chocolate that has multigrain in it at a price of 5,500 won (4.05 US Dollars) and an iced chocolate drink for 6,000 won (4.42 US Dollars). I had never had a white chocolate multigrain candy bar and it was delicious. The chocolate drink was pretty good too. The owner said the dark chocolate candy bar went really well with the chocolate drink but I just love white chocolate. The other chocolate drinks they had were Mocha Chocolate for 6,300 won (4.64 US Dollars) and the Mint Chocolate Iced drink for 6,800 won (5.01 US Dollars). Now that I have told you so much about this place, we have to move on to the next place which is Cacao Dada.

Operating Hours:

11:00-24:00 Tuesday-Sunday  

Last Order 23:00

Closed Every Monday



Room 101 of Yeouido Richeville DS Shopping Center, 287, Singil-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul

서울 영등포구 신길로 287 여의도리슈빌DS 상가 101호

How to get there:

Yeongdeungpo Station (Line 1, Exit 5) 9 Minute Walk

Singil Station (Line 5, Exit 3) 8 Minute Walk

Cacao Dada

Cacao Dada is another cute chocolate shop located right here in Seoul. What makes Cacao Dada different from other shops is that it is all about the food science of Chocolate. They have bits of various chocolate laid out in front of you as if you are a food scientist yourself tasting the chocolate. They have even won five awards in the Academy of Chocolate. They were able to win gold for their Peru 54.8% Darkmilk, silver for Madagscar 70% Dark, Bronze for Domicican Republic 70% Dark, another Bronze for their Ghana 70% Dark, and a Commended award for their Ecudaor 70%. I have never even been to a chocolate place that has won not one but several awards before so it is cool to say that I have actually been here before.

Their little bits of chocolate are for purchase and they actually call them Cocoa Nibs. The Cocoa Nibs cost 7,000 won (5.15 US Dollars), and another thing of Nibs is called Kakao Caviar costing 5,500 won (4.05 US Dollars). All of the Cocoa Nibs are Vegan. They also have drinks like their Drinking Cacao which is one of their main chocolate drinks that cost 7,000 won (5.15 US Dollars), and they also have a tea called Galden Selected Tea that goes very well with their chocolate that costs 6,000 won (4.42 US Dollars). When I visited, I got their Kakao Cookie, and the tea. The cookie has 70% milk chocolate and a bit of dark chocolate in it. The cookie cost 4,000 won (2.94 US Dollars). I also decided to get one of their DADA brownies and the price for one was 5,500 (4.05 US Dollars). When you make a purchase, you get a free sample of their Haetmil x Kakao candy bar. After visiting this chocolate shop, the final chocolate place I got the chance to visit is 17 Artisan Chocolatier.

Operating Hours:

11:00-20:00 Thursday-Saturday  

Closed Every Sunday-Wednesday



15102, Heewoojeong-ro 10-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

서울 마포구 희우정로10길 15 102호

How to get there:

Mangwon Station (Line 6, Exit 2) 10 Minute Walk

17°C Artisan Chocolatier

For 17°C Artisan Chocolatier to be the final chocolate shop I visit here in Seoul, I found it to be extremely delightful. The shop was petite just like the others, and the front of it was nothing but windows so that the sun could shine brightly inside of it. The owner of the shop was so kind and spoke very good English. All of his menus were in Korean and in English. When you visit here just be ready to be amazed by all the various types of chocolate there are. Not only were there chocolate bars but there were also pieces of chocolates that came in different flavors. The pieces of chocolate all cost 3,000 won (2.21 US Dollars) each. There were kinds like Salted Caramel, Coconut, Raspberry, Earl Grey French Blue, Vanilla, and Williams Pear.

The chocolate bars you could buy here were Pure Dominican Rep. -Yellow Fruits & Intense, Sesame & Caramel, and your good old Milk chocolate. The chocolate bars cost from 11,000 (8.09 US Dollars) won to 13,000 won (9.57 US Dollars). You can also order some chocolate ice cream, a chocolate drink, or even some tea to go along with your chocolate. If you are looking for a gift to give someone you can buy a gift box of chocolates like almond chocolates costing 11,000 won (8.10 US Dollars), Hazelnut chocolates for 12,000 won (8.83 US Dollars), and Rocher chocolates for 14,000 won (10.31 US Dollars). When I visited, I got the Caramel, and Coconut pieces of chocolate that were 3,000 won each (2.21 US Dollars). I also got a Sweet Hot Chocolate Drink Iced 8,000 won (5.89 US Dollars) and a Sesame & Caramel Chocolate bar for 13,000 won (9.57 US Dollars). I really enjoyed my pieces of chocolate from here, especially the coconut piece that I ordered. Now that I have told you all about three tasty chocolate shops I visited, I want to tell you about how you can get some chocolate using the Shuttle Delivery App.

Operating Hours:

12:30-22:00 Everyday



38 Donggyo-ro 29-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

서울특별시 마포구 동교로29길 38

How to get there:

Hongik Univ. Station (Line 2, Exit 3) 10 Minute Walk

Next Day Grocery

Photo from: Shuttle Delivery: Next Day Grocery

Even though we have these pretty amazing chocolate shops we cannot forget that we can also purchase chocolate from the Shuttle App whether we have a carving or want to go get someone some chocolate as a gift the Shuttle App can be a big help with that. The Shuttle App has Next Day Grocery that has several different types of chocolate in the Snack section. The chocolates that they sell are Decorated Belgian Chocolate eggs costing 21,900 won (16.11 US Dollars), Bread Garden Choco stick DIY Set for 9,900 won (7.28 US Dollars). They also have some American chocolate candy if that is what you are need of such as GODIVA’s Pearl Chocolate for 13,800 won (10.15 US Dollars), Twix Minis for 18,900 won (13.90 US Dollars), M&M Peanuts Mini for 14,900 won (10.96 US Dollars). You would think that would be it on the chocolate that they have but it is not, you can also purchase Yves Thuries’s Chocolate Box 18,000 won (13.24 Us Dollars), Fazer ‘s Finnish Signature Chocolate for 14,500 won (10.66 US Dollars), and candy bar that is made of organic vegetable ingredients called Vivani’s Organic Chocolate Bar at a price of 7,500 won (5.52 US Dollars). Next Day Grocery is able to deliver you some sweet treats within 1 to 2 business days. Now that I have told you about all these different places you can get chocolate from in Seoul, South Korea I want to tell you about my all-time favorite chocolate shop.

Operating Hours:

11:00-20:00 Everyday



Photo from: Sanders Candy: Chocolate Fudge Bumpy Cake

My favorite chocolate shop is located right in my home state of Michigan. It is called Sanders Candy. Sanders Candy first opened on June 17, 1875 by a man named Fred Sanders in Detroit, Michigan. By the 1950’s Sanders Candy became a huge thing for the people living in Michigan and their families. Eventually Sanders was selling in grocery store chains and all around Michigan. There ended up being 57 shops all around the Great Lakes Region. They sell chocolate candies, ice cream, dessert toppings, and baked goods like their bumpy cake. The bumpy cake was created in 1913 by Fred Sanders. The original name of the cake was “The Sanders Devil’s Food Buttercream Cake '' but Fred started to notice that his customers just kept calling it the “bumpy cake” so he changed the name of the cake. The bumpy cake is a cake that is devil’s food cake, with vanilla buttercream, and covered in fudge frosting. Sanders also has different flavors of the bumpy cake like carrot cake, and vanilla buttercream. All of the bumpy cakes cost 20.99.

Photo from: Sanders Candy

Even though everyone seems to love the bumpy cake, I on the other hand love their “MILK CHOCOLATE SEA SALT CARAMELS”. These caramels are kettle-cooked caramel covered in creamy milk chocolate and sea salt that is spread on the top of the candy. The caramels cost 7.99 US Dollars for a 7 ounces pack. If you cannot make it to one of their many stores in Michigan you can always purchase these chocolates if you like from their website, or get them from the grocery store chain, Publix as well as places like TJ Maxx. Whenever you visit America do not forget to try these candies or even the cake if you like; you will not want to miss out.



From time to time when I am craving chocolate, I think of the Spongebob episode where Spongebob and Patrick are selling chocolate bars. When they are out selling the chocolate bars this random man comes up to them screaming “CHOCOLATE!” and they get so scared of him that they run off but he ends up finding them. He says to them “I would love to buy all of your chocolate bars” and they are shocked but they still give the man all of their chocolate. I am telling you this because sometimes when I am craving chocolate, I feel like this random man in Spongebob. I want to scream for chocolate, then go out and buy some. These chocolate shops that I got the chance to visit have satisfied my craving for chocolate at least for a little while with all of their deliciousness.

After learning so much history about chocolate and how it came to South Korea it really makes me appreciate it more and the people who have made so many different types of chocolate. Out of the three places I visited I think that my favorite chocolate ended up being the cookie from Cacao Dada. It was just so delicious that I ended up purchasing another one. I hope that for all the chocolate lovers out there that you are able to find your favorite chocolate place here in Seoul or wherever your travels may take you. This is my last blog for Shuttle Delivery. Working for Shuttle during this time has been an experience. I am glad that I was able to come back to South Korea after so many years. Thank you so much for reading all of my blogs up to this point. Now stop reading and go enjoy some chocolate candy or a chocolate chip cookie.

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